Little London Girl

Em hates One Direction. She hears all about them all day by her little sister Kayla. Finally, Em thinks she's done with hearing about them when she goes off to college but soon realizes that she'll never be free of One Direction, not when she run's into one of the boys and her world unravels.


22. Sneaking out

*Em's POV*

Alex pulled up to the cabin. I felt the van shut off and the front door open and slam shut then the back doors unlock and open. Alex and Zac stood there, and they looked pissed. They both held their guns and pointed them at me. I moved closer to the back, or well I guess the front of the van but Zac grabbed me by my ankle and yanked me out. I was getting tired of being yanked by my ankle. It was still sore from when Alex did it. They both grabbed me by my arms and led me to the cabin. We walked up the wood steps and they threw me inside. I landed hard on the bare ground. Alex locked the door and Zac walked towards me with a evil look.

"Where the hell did you think you were going to go?" he growled. I backed away as he took a step forward.

"Why the hell did you let her leave your site?" Alex asked Zac as he slapped his arm.

"She had to go to the bathroom and the plumbing is still down!" Zac yelled as he waved his arms around. He was still holding his gun, which scared me.

"Well next time go with her!" Alex yelled. "Now take her upstairs," he ordered. Zac sighed and picked me up roughly by my arm and dragged me up the stairs and practically threw me towards the ladder. I grabbed onto it but didn't move.

"Move!" Zac yelled.

"No!" I yelled back. Zac's hand's began to shake and I heard him cock his gun. That made me move. Fast. I climbed up the ladder and sat down on the pillows and smoked filled blankets. Zac shut the trapdoor and I heard him lock it.

*Louis' POV*

I woke up to a empty and cold bed. I rolled over so I was facing away from Em's side. I just couldn't believe she was gone. I laid in bed thinking about the past few days for a few minutes until I finally got up to get ready but lost motivation and just sat down on the bed staring off into nothingness. I heard a soft tap at the door which broke my stare and I moaned to let whoever it was, know I was here. The door opened a bit and Zayn and Liam walked in.

"Hey mate," they said as he sat down on the bed.

"Paul called and said that we are going on a little trip," Zayn said.

"Where?" I asked.

"Mountains, several miles away from here. He said that we deserve a get away," Liam said. "It's far away from any cities, high up in the mountains somewhere," he finished. I sighed.

"When are we going?" I asked staring at the pile of Em's clothes.

"Tomorrow morning," they both said.

"Alright," I said. I laid back down on the bed and pulled the sheets over me. I didn't feel like moving.

I saw Liam and Zayn look at each other and walk out of the room. I didn't really want to go camping or whatever. What I wanted to do was to get out of this house and look for Em. I sat up and felt and evil grin come to my face. I pulled my phone out and texted Niall and Harry to meet me in my room in 10 minutes. I knew Niall and Harry both liked Em, and they were both dying inside without her here. They would help me with my plan. I got up and pulled on a pair of red skinny jeans and a stripped shirt and waited for them to come. 

Exactly 10 minutes later Niall and Harry came walking into the room. They sat down on the bed that I had made and stared at me while I fiddled with one of Em's shirts that was in her dirty clothes pile.

"Alright lads," I started as I dropped the shirts. "I know you both like Em," I said. Niall and Harry both started to protest but I cut them off. "I know, don't deny it. I need your help," I said as I lowered my voice so the lads downstairs wouldn't here. "We're gonna sneak out and go to look for Em," I said.

"But Paul has a officer here at all times watching the doors," Harry said.

"Exactly, he's watching the doors," I said. "But what about the windows?" I asked as I pointed to the window in Em's room. "All we have to do is make it down successfully without making noise and then we can go look for her," I said. "What do you think?" I asked. Both Harry and Niall hesitated but eventually nodded.

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