What just happen?

I'm Liam Payne's sister. I got long blonde hair that is alway down I have side bangs and the tips of my hair are brown. No one knows about me because Liam didn't want anybody to know. I hate One Direction, all because of my brother. And my life just went form bad to worse. My parents just died and they where the world to me they were the only people how knew about me beside my brother. - Chase Payne


2. Chapter 2


"No I'm good." I said to him. He dropped everything and I mean EVERYTHING and came over to me and yelled "just because you don't like me doesn't mean you can't be nice!" 

"Okay clam done" I said get off the couch. I grabbed two for his bags and bright them to his room. I walked back down stares to find Niall, Harry, and Zyan talking on the cough. "Great" I said under my breath as I rolled my eyes. I got to the boom of the stares and they stopped talking and looked at me. "Who are you?!" Harry yelled 

"Oh I'm sorry I live here!" I snapped at him

"You didn't answer me!" Harry said still yelling. Liam came running in and looked at me then Harry and back to me then back to Harry and said " Guys this is my sister Chase." They all looked at me and said "we didn't know Liam had a sister."

"yeah well no one does they all think in dead!" I snapped 

"I won't you to have a normal life." Liam said softly 

"you think me being dead is a normal life I have NO friends I can NEVER LEAVE the house. And you think this is a normal life!" I yelled walking closer to him. I turned around and ran up stares to my room and slammed the door. I could hear Liam yelling "CHASE GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!" I sat on my bed. I got up and went to my dresser and got out my pink panther pj pants and my pink tag top and changed. I turned on my radio and 'Save You Tonight' was playing "uggggg" I turned it off and just say there on my bed with my head in my hands.  

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