love at first sight

Abby Simons dosent have a easy life. What happens when she hears about a contest with 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5. Launceston place

We got to the restraunt after getting some really weird looks and I asked Niall "where do we put the horses!". " The stables" Niall replied. "There are STABLES!!!!!" he nodded and laughed he took me to the back of the restraunt and it was amazing there was a stable and table with the most amazing decorations.  it had yellow silk and white strands of lights hanging down from the ceiling and the table had a white lacey table cloth and a pretty lantern with bright blue, green, and pink flowers in a crystal vase and hay bales for chairs "oh my gosh I LOVE this" I said niall laughed and led me to my seat and we sat down. "So tell me more about yourself abs!" niall exclaimed. "Abs? really?" he smiled and nodded "ok well I am from Texas but I moved to London for collage I have two little sisters ones named Emily she's 19 and looks like me and the others named Bailey she has curly brown hair and brown eyes she's 16 I have two little brothers Josh and Nate they have blue hair and blond eyes they are twins and there 12 I am 21 and my parents are named Robby and Rachel." I said. "ok but blond eyes and blue hair?" niall asked. "you know what I meant!" I laughed. He laughed to and said  "you have a BIG family!". "I do" I replied we got are food and about a hour later we were done niall reached in his pocket and said "close your eyes" I did then he said "open" I opened my eyes and there was a...

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