One planet, one dream

Daniel Lester is on his space mission to Venas. Enjoy XX


5. YES!

 “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” I screeched, loud enough so that people on Earth could hear me.

“What, what is it Daniel?!” Lyndock were starting to get agitated now.

“It’s a plant! But not just one, a whole bush of plants! I really don’t believe it! Do my eyes deceive me?” I was excited now, although I was still wondering how to get home with no fuel.

“Well that’s great Daniel! I hear that you’re very enthusiastic!” Lyndock replied, but not agitated, sounding extremely relieved this time.

“I know, it’s extremely thrilling news! I think I could use some plants for fuel, then take some samples and send them back to the lab so you can test them! I will see you backhome Lyndock! This is Daniel Lester, signing off.”

I started walking towards the plants and as I took every step, the plants seemed to become more familiar to me. That’s when I realised that they looked exactly like weeds from my backyard. Normally, I dreaded weeds. They were ugly, stubborn and took up too much space in my garden. One thing though, that I didn’t mind about weeds was that they were strong survivors and they could live in even the most harsh places. They could adapt to almost any climate, area or region and they would pop up almost any time of the year, hot or cold.

I looked at the weeds, they were ugly, but in a beautiful way. The weeds were very graceful too, maybe a bit like a ballerina, dancing to the music of Swan Lake. Enough talking about the weeds though, I needed to get a move on with my mission.

I took a leaf from one of the weeds and squeezed it until a green liquid oozed out of it slowly. The green liquid was basically the blood of the plant, rushing to the wounded area. I scraped the goo off the leaf, put it into the test flask and sealed the lid. I then shook the flask violently so that the chemicals that were in the flask reacted with each other to give me the results of the test. I waited for approximately 2 minutes and saw the colours of the chemicals and sap start to change. They turned to a blueish- purple and that’s when I knew that the plants were safe and that I could turn them into fuel easily.

I slipped on my gloves and tore a few branches off the bush. I started to head to the shuttle so I could turn the plant into fuel. I went inside, closed the hatch and twisted my space helmet so it would come off. Once I heard the soft click of the helmet, I knew it was safe to take off. As I got comfortable and I had had something to eat and drink, I got to work. 

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