One planet, one dream

Daniel Lester is on his space mission to Venas. Enjoy XX


3. That one mistake...

I got to work straight away and started taking samples of Venas’ soil. As I was waiting for the results my heart skipped a beat. I mean, what if there was life on Venas? I would have been the first to find it! The results started to show and as the colour of the soil went red, my heart sank. I knew that red meant negative and if it was testing negative it meant that there was no life on Venas.

As soon as I finished testing the warm, cushioned soil I reported back to Lyndock. I turned on my radio and checked that the Satellite Transmitter was working. Once everything was affirmative I started reporting to Lyndock.

“Lyndock, I have taken samples of Venas’ surface and all is testing has returned negative.” I said into the radio, my heart filled with sorrow.

“Affirmative Daniel, we can now confirm that there is no current life on Venas. You are able to return back to Earth now. Have a safe trip and good luck.”

“Rodger that Lyndock. This is Daniel signing off.” I ended our talk and started to head back to the rocket. That’s when I realised I had made the biggest mistake of my life…


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