The Way

The way he kisses me. The way he makes me blue an unbelievable crimson red. His laugh His smile i am the first person to bring it out of him in 5 years. I never knew he could love anyone or me. I thought hate was going to rule his life but it seems as if it wont after all.

He's a bad boy. I'm a good girl. We don't mix. He's a high school drop out and I'm an A+ student planning to goto college and do something with my life. He's a asshole ,and jerk. I'm a nice girl who is focused on my life and wanting to be sucessful.

Ariana Grande as Adriana Grande

Victoria Justice as Lianna Wilkerson

Justin Bieber as Danger Bieber

Pattie Mallete as Herself

Jennifer Lopez as Mellonie Grande

Mario Lopez as Juan Grande


2. Surrounded

I made my way down the hallway pushing through loads of people while, hearing things like

what`s he doing here

i thought he was in jail

Avoid eye contact


I rolled my eyes and continued making my way through the crowd to see a boy with all black and with shades on trying to open his locker. You can tell he was getting annoyed because he couldn`t get the locker open and everyone was surrounding him. Every one just stared at him like he was a murderer or something. Its a shame how people act nowadays. All the girls were staring like he was candy or some shit. It really pissed me off. Just because he is 'back' all these people dont have to be noising around in his business. I finally got disgusted enough with everyone so i rolled my eyes and made my toward the office. I got my schedule and my lock along my books.




I had finally found my locker and put in my combination 2-16-12. I was getting annoyed with the fact that my locker was being a bitch and wouldn`t open. I heard a deep , almost inviting voice reach my ears.


"need some help hot stuff" The voice said.


I turned around to hit a rock hard body causing me to drop all my books.


"thanks but, no" i bent down to pickup all my books. I heard him suppress a loud but, meant to be quiet Damn and a low moan.


I was being a normal girl and outta nowhere he shows up. Why is this happening to me.


"whats the rush" he grabbed my wrist and smirked.


"trying to get away from you" i snatched my wrist back and slammed my locker and grabbed my bag from the floor.


"ouch that hurts" he falsely smiled and put his hand on the right side of his chest.


"maybe because your heart is on the right side you dumbass" i smirked and walked down the long halls of Stratford High School.

I made my way to my first class which was Physical Science with Mrs. Baker.



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