1D Imagines May Edit/On Hold

Comment The questions in the first chapter and I will try my very best to do all of them!
Btw these are my first Imagines... So yeah....


3. Imagine for: Lexi (sorry forgot your username)

Lexi's P.O.V

Hi!!! I am Lexi. It is a pleasure to meet you! I am 19 years old by the way. I have Blonde hair with PInk streaks at the tips. I have Blue eyes.

I am at a club because I normally go here when I am bored. So yeah... as you can tell I am very bored. I went to buy a drink but I had lost my wallet. A nice guy that goes by the name of Alex bought me a drink. Aw he was so sweet. I could see a boy in the back clenching his fists and staring at me and Alex. Hhmm what's his problem??


I have had about 3 drinks now... Alex had to go so I was alone. That dude that was staring at me... Remember? Well he came up to me and introduced himself. Turns out he is Zayn Malik from 1D. Yes One Direction! I am a fan... But not one of those ones that say or scream 'OMG ONE DIRECTION!!!' I don't do that... I just like them for them and their music is pretty good too. Anyways Zayn and I talked for a long time... Turns out... we have a lot more in common then I thought we did.


~1 week later~

Well remember when I met Zayn... well he had gave me his number. I had forgot to ask him about why he looked mad when I was talking to Alex so I texted him.

To: Zayn

Hey Zayn,  I was wondering about why you looked so mad when I was at the bar a week ago with Alex... The guy I was with... Could you tell me why? xxLexi

I waited for a reply. not long before he did. I guess he had a break...

To: Lexi

Hello, I remember him. I know who he is. But I was upset because, I saw that you needed money and I was willing to get it for you but he did before I could. So I guess I felt Jealous?! Yeah sorry xo Zayn

He felt jealous over me? Why? That's when I got a text from him again...

To: Lexi

I have to go but before I do... I wanted to say. I love u! Ever since I laid my eyes on you I have and that will never change! Now I have to go back to the show so reply if you want but I wont reply for about 20mins. Sorry Bye! xo Zayn

What!? He like me?? I texted back...

To: Zayn

I luv ya too Zayn! xxLexi

~1 month later~

Zayn and I have been dating for about a month and he is the boy of my dreams! He is not always home because of his tour but I understand. I do miss him when he not home but whenever he has the chance he texts me. I still cant belive why he didn't tell me in the first place...

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