falling in love! good or bad?

Jenna is an 18 year old girl who Doesn't live an exciting life. she has 2 friend who are like sisters to her. she is a big fain of one direction along wit her friend Dana. her friend Danielle or Dani for short doesn't like them but Niall. What happens when she moves to live in London and falls madly in love with members from the band....


3. n

   *Wednesday : 2 days to moving day*


I told my best friends that day I found out.We sat their trying to come up with a way to visit each other. I packed up over three day and found a job at Starbucks since that's where i worked here in New York. we packed to moving tuck so it can get on the road since it was going to take them a cuple of days. all we have left it an empty house and our luggage. We decided we would stay at a hotel by the airport. 




  *Friday: time to go*

i woke up to my alarm clock playing a "drop in the ocean"by Ron Pope.I turned over and hit it repeatedly untill it stopped playing. i rolled out of bed and went to take a shower. i got dressed in to solethi ng and lugged all my things to the doorway. My mom and dad  let me take dana and dani to the airport with us. we all got into the car and my dad drove. on the car ride dand waas making jokes of how i will meet one direction and fall madly in live with one of them.


....i hope she is right....


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