Everything Goes In One Direction

Summary- Sophia Lee and Elizabeth Marie Porter live with their drunk and abusive dad in Miami since their mom died 2 years ago of cancer. Their boyfriends Jakob White and Alex Diamond beat them, yet their two of the most popular kids in school because of them.Their only true friends are Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.... Yes from One Direction they are and break so they could finish school.Will they get away from their dad and boyfriends?? Will Niall and Zayn help them?? Will Jakob and Alex find them?? Hazel Jade Smith is your typical teenager well at least thats wat her friends think...her parents died on her 16th birthday in a car wreck she was there but survived. She lives with her abusive boyfriend Derek Lange the day she gets up and leaves she runs into THE Harry Styles.Will he be her destiny?? Will Derek find her??
Then Eleanor Jane Calder is dating Louis Tomlinson and Sarah Mae Winterz is dating Liam Payne...Both from 1D I know its awesome!!


12. Derek Axel Lange

Derek Axel Lange

Hi I am Derek Axel Lange. I have so many friends I can't explain but I have a loving,beautiful,and insecure girlfriend Hazel Jade Smith. But wit hall the stuff that happened to me in the past I take it all out on her. It was her 16th birthday I got a call from the hospital saying Hazel was there cause she was in a car accident but her parents were pronounced dead at the scene. That night she packed up all her stuff and moved in with me I was happy about that but said because of her parents they were extremely nice people. Two and a half years later I come home from work and there was a note. It said " I'm sorry Derek but this had to come to an end youv'e hurt and raped me to many times I hope you find someone that moakes you happier than I did I had to leave.  Sincerely, Hazel J. Smith<3"

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