Remember Me?(a Luke Brooks fanfiction)

MAY CONTAIN SOME SEXUAL CONTENT!!Adela and Luke were best friends until she moved to America but now she's going back to Australia. Will he act the same around her or not?Or will she change?


5. Chapter 5


Before he pulled them down i heard the door from down stairs open. 

"Hey Adela"I realized that voice was Demi's."Shit"I cursed under my breath im pretty sure Luke heard that.I kind forgot i gave her the sphere key and told her she 

"Luke" I whispered to him."Put your clothes back on"

"Alright,alright but where do i hide?"

"You dont"i quickly replied as i heard foot steps closer to the door.

I ran to where my clothes where my clothes were and put them on.

"Adela which one is your room?"

"Hold on ill open the door"i threw my textbook at Luke which hit him on the head.

"Hey"he whispered yelled.

"sorry open it,make it look like were studying"

I opened the door as she smiled at me 

"I had a feeling this would be your room"

"ha, come on i don't bite" i said as i nudged her arm.

"yea but he does"

"what?" i asked confused 

"i'll just leave you two alone see you tomorrow."

"wait"i said but i was to late she already ran out the door.

"what the hell was that about?" i said to Luke.

" i don't know"he said as he walked towards me."can we finish where we left off." He says pulling off my pants in a brief second my pants are tossed to the ground followed by my shirt. Soon i was left in only my bra and panties,Luke started massaging my breast with one hand and my V with the other. This felt nice i started to get wet. He quickly slides my panties off and unhooked my bra.

Luke pushed me on the bed and crashed his lips onto mine, i kissed him back. I didn't really notice that he bent down and started to lick me. I gasped and arch my back a little. He starts rubbing my V and sticks his tongue as deep as he could. I moaned loudly but i couldn't help it. He suddenly slides his finger in me, first going slow then adding one more and going faster. I moaned louder. I felt him enter me all of a sudden,his thrust were rough i moved my hips with his and i couldn't hold it any longer.

I come all over his member,he soon comes after me. His thrusts become slower,getting sloppier. He finally comes out and bents down to lick me clean, i took his member in my mouth and do the same. Luke lays down besides me.I lay my head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around my waist. 

I kissed him passionately on the lips. I missed this alot being this close to him, he made me feel safe in his arms.


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