A New Begining~Sequel to Summer is gone

Sequel to Summer is Gone~ Niall Is all that is left of One Direction, or so he thinks. When he marries his sweet heart, and they have kids, what happens when they kids of his late band mates come into his life? Do one of the boys come back? Or is Niall stuck in the pit of sadness being reminded of his friends death every second?


5. 9 months later


 Nialls p.o.v.

Today is the day. Carly has gone into labor. Im about to find out if Im going to have a daughter or a son. This is crazy. I cant believe Im about to be a father. 

"Hey Carly. How are you feeling love?"

"Like I want this kid out!"

And just then. The final push came. Not 1 but 2. TWINS!!! A boy and a girl. They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Even their mommy looked beautiful. I couldnt help but cry,

"Their so beautiful. Carly, she looks like you."

"And he looks like you. Honey, what do you want to name them?"

"Well you said you like the name Lily. So Lily and well I like the name Hunter. So how is Lily and Hunter?"

"Well Niall. I have a surprise. I really got to thinking. And if you want to. I want to name our son Niall. Niall James Jr."

"Wow I never thought I would cry so much. Carly I would be the happiest father, and husband on earth."

"Lily Ashton Horan and Niall James Horan Jr. it is."Carly said.


This day couldnt get any better. Im with the three loves of my life. I have a family now. This is crazy. I couldnt ask for a better life.

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