A New Begining~Sequel to Summer is gone

Sequel to Summer is Gone~ Niall Is all that is left of One Direction, or so he thinks. When he marries his sweet heart, and they have kids, what happens when they kids of his late band mates come into his life? Do one of the boys come back? Or is Niall stuck in the pit of sadness being reminded of his friends death every second?


18. 10 years later


 A/N Dont worry, this isnt even close to the end. Its just I wanted this book to be about the kids and its hard for it to be about the kids when they are 4 and 5. So this starts the new part of the story of them growing older. Enjoy <3 ~Erin XOXO


  Nialls p.o.v.

 Its been ten years since Harry and Dani moved in. They got married 6 years ago and havent left. By the looks of it, they arent going to anytime soon. Bobby and Lily were 15 and Niall was 14. I was sitting with Carly as we watched tv. Bobby walked into the room and asked to speak with me.We walked into his room.

"Whats wrong Bobby? Harry will be home in an hour."

"Ive already talked to dad and I decided to be respectful and ask you. Mr. Niall, I know I call you Uncle Niall most of the time, but I know we arent family. So does Lily and Niall Jr. I really like your daughter sir. And we are 15 so I was wondering since we are finally old enough to date, with your permission, can I ask out your daughter sir?"

I sat down on his bed and chuckled.

"Classy. I like you Bobby, and I trust you. You live in the same house as Lily so I already know things might get serious with you guys together all the time. But I trust you, and I trust my daughter. Bobby I will allow you to ask her out, mostly because I respect the fact that you came to me first."

"Thank you sir. I promise I wont get too serious. But sir, I want to do something special. I think I want to take her to the park. And ask her by the pond."

"Haha, She`ll love it."

He smiled and gave me a slight nod, looking down at the ground. 

"Your a good kid." I said patting his back as I walked back down stairs.

"Honey, wheres Lily?" I asked Carly.

"I believe she is in the basement recording her songs." She said.

I walked downstairs saying hi to her handing me her music sheet and starting to play a song.


The end of the night

We should say goodbye

But we carry on

While everones gone,

Never felt like this before

Are we friends?

Or are we more?

As Im walkin towards the door

Im not sure...

She finished and I could tell she liked someone.

"Daddy,  I know what your thinking. Your right."

"Well love, do you want to talk about it?"

"Nah, Im okay. For right now, it`s just, I like someone and we are friends. But he is so nice. I just I see at school girls are all over him. I just dont think Im good enough for him."

I got a little shocked.

"Lily, you are a gorgeous girl, your smart, and funny. If your friend likes you, then wait. If you arent sure, talk to him. Honey if he hasnt gone for any of the girls and he is so close to you, you never know what he`ll do."

"Thank you daddy." She said setting down her guitar hugging me.

She walked upstairs as I followed. She went to her room and I went to Carly.

"Whats going on babe?" She asked.

"Bobby wanted to ask if he could ask out Lily." I whispered.

"OH MY GOSH!" She whisper yelled jumping.

"Lily likes a friend but doesnt think he likes her back. She says its a close friend so I think its Bobby."

"OMG!" She actually yelled this time. Luckily no one was alarmed.

"I think this will be good for her." I said.

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