Changed (Harry styles fanfic)

Dear Diary, Hi. I'm Hannah. People around know me as the girl who has sex for fun. In other words, I'm somewhat of a prostitute. But what they don't know is that I don't do it because I like it, I actually have a good reason for doing it.
My parents divorced about a year ago and my mom has a low budget job, which barley pays off our rent of our apartment. So I joined the fine life of prostitution. Yeah I don't like doing it, but I need to help my mom in someway. You know my name, not my story. I wonder if finding a boyfriend mind change things up a bit... <3


5. chapter 5

Me and Harry got Back to our table. It was a lovely placing. I reach to grab my fork.

C'mon Babe lets dig in. Harry says.

I freeze in my Position. With Salad on my fork, Half way to my mouth. What did you just call me?.  I place my fork back into the salad bowl.

Oh Hannah. I called you Hannah. Harry nervously smiles. Now c'mon and eat so I can get you home".

I was in no need in a hurry to get home. My mom was out of town. The fact that Harry called me "babe" in a non-seduced way made me shiver. Was he starting to like me. No. No it Couldn't be. I tried wiping that thought out of my mind by eating my salad. Practically licking the bowl clean.

A different waiter comes back with our bill. Harry starts to pull out his credit card When I stop him.

Oh Harry please I can pay myself.

No Im paying for you.

I didn't want to aruge cause I had a glimpse of Harry's anger side. That's one thing he hated the most. Not agreeing to what he say's. So I just let him move a long. 

Can I at least pay the tip?.

Nope. he bites.

Ehh. It was worth a shot.


I start to buckle myself until I see Harry. Once again. Place his hand on my leg. I look up at his face with a smirk on his. He slowly starts to lean in for a kiss. I quickly turn my head. 

Um. I should probably get home I mean it's 2am. I budge.

Oh. um. Yeah your right.

The car ride was silent I look over at Harry and she he is laughing at himself. I didn't Like that at all.

I soon realize we were no where near my home. It looked like to be a lake. A lake? at 2am?. Oh No.

Um Harry where are we going. I say as I unbuckle my seat belt as Im ready to jump out.

You'll see he says with a smirk.

I couldn't even answer him my body was frozen I didn't know what he was going to do.

I see him take the keys out of the engine as soon as we were park in front of the lake. He opens his car door and starts to unbuckle his pants. Bringing them down to his ankles as same for his top.

Ever been late night swimming Hannah. He asks Laughing.

Harry. No. I can't I said once I was relieved he wasn't going to you know what.

Oh. Of Course you can.

I see harry Jogging around the car to my side. I then proceeded to lock my door and set on the drives side. Closing the door he had left open and locking it. Harry's face turn upside down once he realize what I was doing.

Hannah. Open the door. He threatens.

Sorry I need to get home and If your not taking me than I'll go.

I grab the keys that he had left in the Glove compartment.

Hannah open the fucking door. His eyes turn black. Now more of those green ones. I had really like to see. I felt bad for doing this. But it was the only way I could get away from Harry. I honestly never wanted to see him again after Ella told me that story. I didnt want to be involved another crime scene.

I put the keys in the Ignition starting the car. My body starts to tense as I hear Harry's fist come in contact with the car window.

Fuck Hannah open it now.

His face is bloodshot red fill with anger. Something that scared me shitless. I couldnt take it anymore. I put the car in reverse and back out of the parking lot of the lake. I put it in drive and press on the gas as hard as I could. I can see Harry standing there in the reflection of the driving mirror. Than he starts to run. As if he is really trying to catch up. He was practically naked. Only wearing his boxers, it was only 15 degrees outside. I knew he wouldn't last long.

A few moments Later. Harry's gone. I couldn't see anything. My body feels with guilt. He was dangerous. Something I didn't like in men.

I park in the middle of nowhere. It was pitch black. I was lost. I had no idea where I was. My body freezes when the headlight of another car revealed tiny. Then slowly starts growing as it came further.

The car stops right in front of me. Great, I slip down under the steering wheel. It was the only place I could hide. I grab my phone from out of my purse in my hand getting ready to call 911.

Hello?. I hear a girls voice.

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