Blood, Blades, and Bullets

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the government and the rich live the life they want in fortified cities. Everyone else, however, is left to fend for themselves outside the city walls or forced into slavery by the wealthy. Rogue groups over time built up their own fortified towns, and hold grudges against the upper classes that barely lift a finger while they fight flesh eaters to survive. Devon was only 11 years old when the deadly virus first hit, taking away her parents and younger brother. She grew up in a fortified town, learning how to survive. Now Devon is 16, living her fifth year in the apocalypse. The town she lives in is shared with 87 other rogues, most of which come and go. They keep communication with the other towns around them, the nearest a dangerous 17 miles to away. Rumors are going around that the neigboring towns are coming together to attack the closest city, and raid the rich people who live there. Devon has to fight to survive, but now not just the undead...


4. The City

Everything was silent. Peaceful. Devon heard the crunch of gravel under tires, something she hadn't heard in a long time. Must be a dream. She thought and snuggled into the warmth beside her. Someone was holding her.

"Rick?" Devon murmured and opened her eyes. People. Other people were staring back. They were sitting against a wall. Thin light streamed through a barred window in the back of the room.

Then it all came back to her. She was inside the armored car. They were the other people in the party.

"Rick!" Devon noticed him slumped over in the back, still unconscious. Turning around, she saw who had been holding her while she slept.

"You..." The anger burned in her voice. "Why the hell were you touching me!"

Jarred blushed bright red and looked down, not responding. Devon gave him the death stare before turning and kneeling down by Rick.

"Rick! Wake up!" Devon shook him a little and stared at his face. She sighed in relief when she saw the rise and fall of his chest. He was at least still breathing. His eyes opened just a bit, and he smiled.

"Devon..." He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You're alright..."

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about." Devon hugged him back and blushed, realizing everyone else was staring. The fact that she was the only girl in the entire raiding party made it that much worse, also considering she was nearly naked.

"Where the hell are we going?" Rick stood up and looked out of the barred window.

"What's out there?" Devon asked after several moments of silence.

"We're here." Rick whispered. "We're in the city."

Tom and Drake looked up, as did Jarred and the rest of the group. Jarred stood and walked up next to Rick to get a view.

"Holy shit..." He took a step back. "It's.. It's like before the flesh eaters..."

Rick turned and faced the rest of the group, a look of astonishment on his face.

"He's not lying... There's people. In coats and dresses, men in suits, children, people walking their dogs, gardens, it's all here..." Devon bolted towards the window at Rick's words, and her jaw dropped in shock.

Tall glass buildings, electricity shining through the windows. She had heard the stories of the cities beauty, but as she watched groups of women walking in their elegant evening gowns, talking and laughing, the stories of the city's horrific slave trade surfaced in her mind.

The rest of the group took turns looking and began talking excitedly. They were smiling and acting like children on Christmas. Devon could barely contain herself.

"You idiots!" She burst out, Rick giving her a look to calm down. She shot back a death glare and continued. "It's the city! Of course it looks amazing! All the rich pricks living here ensure that. You know how? With slaves! That's why we're here, they're making us into slaves! You can go glorify all their high rises and perfect little corner shops, with their yuppie girls walking around trying to be classy in their silk dresses, when the truth is the closest you'll get to being in any of their perfect little world is cleaning the streets at midnight."

The group looked down, at a loss for words. Devon crossed her arms and sat against a wall. The ride continued on in silence, until finally, the armored car rolled to a stop.

"Fuck." Rick looked out the barred window. "We're in the slave camp."

Devon tensed. The rumors of the slave camps were almost as bad as the rumors of slave punishment. Small wooden huts, rows of bunk beds, extremely unsanitary living conditions, fires in the streets to keep warm in the winter, walking around naked to keep from heat stroke in the summer. She had heard there were only one bathroom for women, and one for men. Everything swarmed in her mind as the doors on the car were opened, and two men, fully armored with machine guns, motioned for them to get off.

Rick held her hand and helped her step off. The air tasted like dust and smelt like filth. Devon could see the huts lined up, about ten rows of twenty. Each hut was about a small as her apartment room back at the town. People were walking around, with fires burning in the streets. It was early autumn and there was a small chill to the air already.

The people were all dressed in loose rags, and it seemed like there was one girl for every ten men. Devon leaned against Rick, her stomach turning nervously.

The group in the first armored car had gotten out already and was being ushered into a building. After about ten minutes, most of them reappeared and was led through a small fence gate into the camp. The rest of the group came out from a side door.

"What's with that?" Jarred asked as they were put into cars, along with people dressed like citizens. They were citizens.

"Don't you pay attention when the ex slaves talk?" Rick glared at him. "They just got sold. They're house servants now."

House servants were a combination of slave and pet. They were owned by their masters and did easier work then the slaves in the camp. House servants lived with their masters, sometimes with other slaves owned by the same person. They were treated like dogs. The thought made Devon sick.

"Rick..." Devon looked up, worried. Females were in higher demand than males. She didn't want to be separated from Rick.

"It'll be fine. We'll stay together no matter what." He gripped her hand tightly and smiled, trying to hide his own fear of separation.

The men with the guns led the group towards the building. Devon leaned in closer to Rick.

"Whatever happens, never forget me Devon." Rick looked down at her and their eyes met. A tear rolled down her cheek at the thought of never seeing him again.

"I love you." Devon whispered as the doors opened, and the group filed inside.

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