Blood, Blades, and Bullets

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the government and the rich live the life they want in fortified cities. Everyone else, however, is left to fend for themselves outside the city walls or forced into slavery by the wealthy. Rogue groups over time built up their own fortified towns, and hold grudges against the upper classes that barely lift a finger while they fight flesh eaters to survive. Devon was only 11 years old when the deadly virus first hit, taking away her parents and younger brother. She grew up in a fortified town, learning how to survive. Now Devon is 16, living her fifth year in the apocalypse. The town she lives in is shared with 87 other rogues, most of which come and go. They keep communication with the other towns around them, the nearest a dangerous 17 miles to away. Rumors are going around that the neigboring towns are coming together to attack the closest city, and raid the rich people who live there. Devon has to fight to survive, but now not just the undead...


2. First Kill

Devon sat in silence next to Rick for the first twenty minutes of the journey. The wind blew her hair from her face, and she squinted as her eyes began to water.

"Hi." Someone said behind her. Devon turned and looked at the man who had said it. he was tall, slim, and pale. His freckles and orange hair were a clear sign of Irish decent.

"What do you want?" Devon blinked.

"Umm. Just saying hello." He looked down and blushed. "I'm Jarred."

"Okay." Jarred looked up at Devon, but she turned and looked over at the woods going past on her side, determined to end the conversation. Devon wasn't exactly a people person, and was, for lack of a better word, socially awkward.

"Aren't you going to tell me your name?" Jarred asked. Devon looked over and saw him smiling. She noticed Rick was glaring at him from the corner of his eye.

"I'm Devon." She uttered quietly.

"That's a very pretty name you know." Jarred winked and Devon looked up at him coldly, almost growling when she spoke.

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up before you get on my nerves any more than you already are?" Her voice was steady, smooth, intimidating, and cold. Just the way she preferred to sound. Devon flashed one last smile from the look on his face, and turned to see Rick grinning near laughter.

The rest of the ride Devon sat back and relaxed, aware of Jarred's eyes on her the entire time. Finally an African American man in his early thirties stood up and turned to look at the rest of the group sitting in the back of the truck.

"Okay everyone, lock and load. The town's in sight, about a quarter mile ahead. Be prepared for a fair amount of flesh eaters.

Devon, Rick, Jarred, and a few others stood with their hand guns.

"That's a nice one, 9mm?" Jarred was looking at Devon's gun, held firmly in her hand.

"Yeah, seven round clips." She leaned against Rick, feeling uncomfortable. Rick was 19, three years older than Devon. Jarred looked to be between them in age, maybe 17.

The truck rolled past the first building, and Devon spotted two flesh eaters lurking by a dumpster. Flesh eaters were zombies. they had come from a mutated strain of rabies intended for chemical warfare. Devon gritted her teeth at the sight of them.

"God, I hate those things." Jarred spoke first, and this time Devon was on his side. The trucks pulled to a stop and the groups got out.

The people on the medicine raid with Devon and Rick debated between going to the pharmacy or the hospital.

"We'll have time for both if we split five and five." Someone said.

"Alright. Devon, Jarred, your with me. Who else?" Rick spoke up. Two other boys raised their hands, one a blond about Devon's age, and the other looked to be his older brother.

"I'm Tom, that's my brother Drake." The older blond smiled and put a hand on the younger one's shoulder. Drake put his hand out to Devon but she just nodded and turned to look at Rick.

"Which one are we taking?" She raised an eyebrow. He smiled and winked.

"The pharmacy, it's near the shops. I told you I'd cover for you to go jewel hunting." Rick patted Devon's back.

"Take out as many flesh eaters as you can on the way." Rick barked the order at the group as they started walking down the street. Devon passed by an alley between two houses, aiming her sights on the shadows. A low moan echoed and sent a chill down her spine as a human shape emerged.

"Survivor?" She called. No response. The figure straightened up and limped towards her at a fast walking pace. Devon backed up into the daylight and it followed her. It's face almost made Devon sick. Flesh was rotting away, black around a cheek wound. It's eyes rolled around lazily in their sockets and it's teeth were yellow and decaying.

Devon's eyes were on the cheek wound. Past the crusting blood and black rotted flesh, she could see the muscles stretch as it opened it's mouth in a blood chilling moan. The rest of the group turned and aimed at it.

"It's mine!" Devon flashed them a look, then raised her gun. As the flesh eater approached, the scent of rot and decay hit her nose like a freight train.

"Burn in hell." She whispered and pulled the trigger. At such a close range, the bullet easily penetrated the skull, sending gore flying out behind it's head as it fell to the ground.

"Nice Devon. First kill of the day, but sure as hell won't be the last." Rick grinned at her as she walked up beside him in front of the group.

"Thanks. Bet I'll get more than you." Devon flashed her signature smart ass smile.

"I'll take you up on that bet." Rick laughed.

The group moved down the street at a fast walk, taking out a total of seven flesh eaters by the time they reached the pharmacy. It was dark inside, and the scent of rotten meat filled the air around them.

"Shit. This can't be good." The blond older brother, Tom, said. The younger brother, Drake, also cursed under his breath.

"Devon, stand back." Jarred looked at her and frowned, almost seeming worried.

"I can handle myself, thanks." Devon's voice was cold and toxic as she shouldered past him to the pharmacy doors.

"Devon!" Rick rushed up behind her. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Stand back and get ready to fire on flesh eaters." Devon gave him a look and he walked back a few steps, aiming at the closed doors.

"Everyone be ready to fire on three." Rick nodded at Devon and started counting. "One. Two. Three!"

Devon tore the door open as quick as she could, then crouched and aimed into the darkness, expecting hell at any moment.

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