Caged (HG Spin-off... I guess)

After a major war, The U.S. gets divided into the Gemstone Regions. Within the regions, there are different countries. Each country must compete in the game-show, Caged, where contestants fight to death. Did I mention that they'll be sharing the arena with mutant animals, such as the Solleonom, a mutant, jungle cat. Luckily for the contestants, there is an exit. If you're the last two standing, or the one who finds the exit, you get the amazing prize of life. But, is it worth living, knowing someone you love is dead?


1. The Creed Of Caged

Tuesday, December 23rd, 6903

Emperor  Kitolimo

  On this day, I declare the beginning of a new game.

This game is a punishment of our recent war.

To show you of your mistakes, we've created a game.

The eight countries shall offer up four contestants, or tributes, if you will.

Two boys each, Two girls each

Between the ages of eight and twenty two.

The contestants will fight to the death, in our state-of-the-art arena.

The arena will not only be filled with mutant animals,

But also with the blood of our fallen brothers and sisters.

Along the top of our arena, we shall have bars,

Caging the tributes inside, until two remain.

We will call this game Caged, and it is to be televised,

With a new season every three months.

Every ten seasons we will pick two countries to send their contestants.

The game will become even more difficult in these tenth seasons.

And, furthermore, our game will consist of one other thing.

An exit shall be in order, and those who find the exit

Automatically win. 

This is not for you're suffering, but for you to see our kindness.

Do you not see how many we've spared?

Now it is decreed, and so it shall stay.


Games are only as fun as you make them.

Keep that in mind.

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