Caged (HG Spin-off... I guess)

After a major war, The U.S. gets divided into the Gemstone Regions. Within the regions, there are different countries. Each country must compete in the game-show, Caged, where contestants fight to death. Did I mention that they'll be sharing the arena with mutant animals, such as the Solleonom, a mutant, jungle cat. Luckily for the contestants, there is an exit. If you're the last two standing, or the one who finds the exit, you get the amazing prize of life. But, is it worth living, knowing someone you love is dead?


7. Selections

  The beeping alarm clock startled both Cody, and I. Let's see what we've got going on today, I thought as I made my way to a calendar nearby. So, today I have dress selection, and something else? Bernadette never said anything about the evaluation being today. Oh well, let's just focus on one thing at a time.

  "What time is it?" Cody asked, his voice muffled by the pillow on his face. 

  "Time for you to get a watch," I said," It's- oh my gosh, I'm gonna be late!" I yelled, as I ran out of the room. The dining table was occupied by Byrd, and Blayze, who were eating cereal. "Byrd, we have to go, we're going to-"

  "No, no, we're not going to be late. Gen, it's nine o'clock in the morning. Selection isn't until ten." She said, leaving a sharp edge at the end of her explanation. I looked at the clock on the microwave. Nine o'clock, on the dot.

  "What time did you wake up?"

  "Eight fifteen," Blayze answered, "Why do you care?"

  "My clock said nine fifty. Why are you being so defensive?" I asked. Blayze shook his head before getting out of his seat.

  "I'm not being defensive," he blazed, "and, if anyone, I'm not the person you want to be pushing." His fist clenched. He wouldn't hit a girl, at least not here. Cody, being the best timed out of all of us, hobbled out behind the door.

  "Could you please shut up? I'm trying to get my sleep." He whined, as he yanked the fridge open.

  "I get that you both hate each other and everything, but other people want to sleep. We've got the parade, in what? Two days? Then, we're off to the zoo, to murder everyone," He ranted, slamming his fist on the counter. "If I'm going to die in two days, can you at least let me sleep peacefully?!" 

  Everyone was taken back, telling from Byrd's expression, and Blayze's stance. We'd finally cracked the turtle's shell. Cody, who probably hated everyone now, stalked off to our room, leaving the three of us again. Blayze gave me that knowing look.

  "What? Do you expect me to go after him?" I asked. Byrd nodded slowly, then glanced at a shrugging Blayze. So, my fate's been decided.

  I slid off my chair, and tip-toed over to our room. The door was -shockingly- wide open. I looked back to my best-friend once more, and she shooed me away. The door creaked as I opened it a bit more.

  Cody was sitting by the window. "I'm sorry I scared you," He mumbled, "I think I scared myself."

  I've never been much of a sympathy kind of person, it's true. But, I can't help feeling bad for Cody. All he wanted was some sleep, I'm guessing to pass the time. He thought he was going to die the first day. And, it all got to him. So, he burst. 

  "It's okay."

  "No, no it's not. I shouldn't have-"

  "No," I interjected, "You did the right thing. I just need to be a bit more considerate." I explained. Cody sighed, taking in the broad daylight. But, it was a heavy sigh. 

  "What are we going to do?" He asked.

  "About what?" I said, trying to grip what he was saying, before getting up, and heading towards the bathroom.

  "Byrd, and Blayze. They're clearly working together," He explained. "You didn't see how they sided together on everything back there?"

  "I guess not. Blayze isn't Byrd's type." I countered. 

  "That might be just what she wants." He said, startling me a bit. The tension in the room grew, and I wasn't going to stick around. I slid behind the door, leaving Cody, to take a shower.

  Afterwards, I put on a blouse in my closet, and a pair of white jeans, along with the Converse I'd worn during the Golden Party. My hair was down, and straight, with my bangs pulled back.

  I knocked on Byrd's door before pushing it open. She was ready, and waiting. Except she had Blayze on top of her. Cody. How could I have been that blind? I slammed the door shut, before running to the elevator.

  "Wait, Gen, just let me-" Byrd tried to squeeze, before the door closed. But, she was a second too late.

  The elevator music, although it was supposed to be cheery, had a sad undertone, and I was the only one to notice. It reminded me of Byrd. Supposed to be cheery, but a sad, sarcastic, mocking undertone. Only, I hadn't heard it, up until now.

  As soon as the door opened to the sixth floor, I was flooded with stylists, and designers. Yet, there was no Bernadette. Instead, a girl named Journee led me through the people. 

  "So, you're Gwen?" She asked, not even looking at me.

  "Actually, it would be Gen, not Gwen, but it's Genevieve." I added. Journee had a tight grip on my arm, when she pulled me into a dark room. There was a single light on, and it was illuminating a dress. My dress.

  "So, Gen, what do you think?" She asked.

  "I- I think it's," I couldn't even find a word to describe it,"it's," I paused, "Wow." Journee laughed as I rushed over to the dress.

  "Your welcome," She whispered, before closing the door on her way out. The embellishing, the bright blue, it was all so stunning. I'm so excited to wear it! My excitement was put to an end when a scream came from the other room. 

  Journee's soft voice was comforting the girl, but she was not happy. I left the dress to see what was happening, and the girl on the ground was none other than Keila. "I hate dark blue!" She cried, "Almost as much as I hate that Byrd- girl!"

  And with that, I left the sixth floor, and went upstairs.


  The elevator came to a stop, and once I got there, I saw Cody, waiting at the door. HE slid on board, then grasped my wrist. "Can you please come get food with me?" He asked, "In case we run into Roman, and Keila?" He pleaded.

  "You won't see Keila, and you can handle Roman," I assured him, before wriggling out of his grip. The last thing I want to do now, is eat.

  A quick glance at the calendar reminded me of the Evaluation. I'm not in the mood to be evaluated.

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