Caged (HG Spin-off... I guess)

After a major war, The U.S. gets divided into the Gemstone Regions. Within the regions, there are different countries. Each country must compete in the game-show, Caged, where contestants fight to death. Did I mention that they'll be sharing the arena with mutant animals, such as the Solleonom, a mutant, jungle cat. Luckily for the contestants, there is an exit. If you're the last two standing, or the one who finds the exit, you get the amazing prize of life. But, is it worth living, knowing someone you love is dead?


2. Golden Envelopes

  I woke up earlier today. I sat up straighter, and was more polite. I did what my parents told me without question. I may never see them again.

  Today was the Golden Party, where they would stuff you up, and send four of us away, to participate in Caged. How would we know who was leaving? It was all in the golden envelopes.

  Each envelope contained: The name of the recipient, a sorry letter, and other information. They'd hand out four white envelopes, and a golden one. The golden envelope would give you a power. The power of a choice. 

  Yeah, you could choose to go, or not. If you did, you'd get to pick the person who didn't go. But if you didn't, you might as well hide for the rest of your life, considering the parents feelings. I would hate to get a golden envelope. I mean, I'd just be so...torn.

  Oh well. There's a one-in-one-million chance that could ever happen. The odds are in my favor. I'm sure I'll be fine, I thought as my curling iron let of some steam. I looked over at my clock. 5:30? I'll be fine. The party doesn't start until seven. I let go of the last curl, and reached over for my hairspray. 

  Maybe the odds aren't in my favor. My curling iron -which was still hot- landed on my back laving a bright red, burn scar. Shit, I thought. This hurts! I grabbed the handle of the iron, and set it on my desk, now being a tad more careful of the cord. I heard a faint knocking on my door.

  "Come in!" I yelled. My little sister, Annaleigh, walked in. 

  "Hey, can you help me with my zipper? I can't reach it." She asked, grabbing behind her. "Are you okay?" She asked, cocking her head to the side. "What happened to your back?!" She jogged over to where I was, and knelt over.

  "Yeah, just give me a sec." I said, spraying my hair. I put the can down, and fixed her zipper. "Oh this?" I asked pointing to my back, "Oh that's nothing. My curling iron just fell on my back." I said. She got a disturbed look on her face. "But, my jacket covers my back!" I reassured her.

  "Yeah, but you aren't going to wear your jacket all night!" She said, jutting out her hip. She stared off into space like she was in deep thought. "Ooh, I've got just what you need!" She exclaimed, running down the hall, and into her room.

  She can back holding a container of blue gel. "Don't worry, it's burn cream. You just rub it in your back an-"

  "Yes, I know how burn cream works," I said teasing her. "Then the burn goes away, but comes back the next day." 

  "Actually, this is specially formulated burn cream. It makes the burn go away permanently, and even moisturizes your skin." She said, nodding. Well, she knows her stuff.

  "Alright, enough's enough. Now, help me out." I said, pointing to the mark. She rubbed the cool gel in, and closed the lid.

  "You're gonna owe me for this." She said, pointing at me. "Understand, young lady?" She questioned, mimicking Mom. 

  "Girls!" My mom called from downstairs. "Lets go! The inner city is an hour away, and with the time you spent dilly-dallying, we'll be late!" She ranted. We just laughed. Mom was always so strict about timing, and being on time. 

  "You still owe me!" Annaleigh yelled, racing down the stairs. I don't know what I'd with out her.

  The car ride took just as long as Mom predicted. To keep ourselves occupied, Annaleigh and I played Would You Rather.

  "Ooh, I got one!"Annaleigh exclaimed. Oh god, this is gonna be good. "Would you rather be in Caged, or go on a killing spree?" She asked. My eyes widened, and my thoughts stopped for a second. 

  "Isn't that the same thing?" I asked.

  "No! In Caged, you can be the first one killed, but if you were on a killing spree, you wouldn't get killed first." She said ever-so-matter-of-factly. 

  "I'm not gonna answer that."

  "You're no fun!" She said. She can be such a childish brat sometimes. "You get so upset every time we have to go to the party, you don't even have fun. You just sit there and talk to Byrd."

  "Shut up!" I yelled a bit too loudly. She can't tell me what fun is, she never has any! And, Byrd is awesome. "Don't talk to me." I said, as I opened the door. We're finally here.

  The first person to greet me was Byrd. She was wearing the cutest green cocktail dress I'd ever seen, and it made her eyes pop. She rushed over. "Genny!" 

  "Byrdi! Oh. My. God. It's been so long!" I said 

  "It's only been the weekend." She said with a serious, yet sarcastic look on her face. Classic Byrd. "Whatever." She said as we walked into the crowd, "Who do you think is going this year?" She asked. if there was one thing Byrd and I could do, it was gossip. 

  "My bet is on Macey, Coraline," I said, pausing in between. Gotta think. "Clarke, Blayze!" That sounded a lot better in my head.

  "I got my money on the Amee, Isra, Nik, and....Yeah, Blayze." She said. We were always right about one person, whenever we guessed. I shrugged, considering I didn't know what else to do. 

  We walked around, talking, laughing, smiling, enjoying ourselves and the food. An hour passed when they began the envelope passing. 

  "May I have everyone's attention?" Starr asked, for about the twentieth time in my life. Everyone kept talking and laughing. "Excuse me!" She continued, raising her voice. That got people's attention. 

  "Good. Now we can begin." She said, regaining some of the composure she lost during her little outburst. "As we all know, the twenty-nineth season of caged will be airing soon, and we need new contestants, or tributes. Whatever you wish to call them. As the creed explains, each of the eight countries must offer up four contestants. So may I have...." She droned on. The pause filled the room with tension.

  "Mister Blayze Zelinsky." The crowd cheered. Blayze has been a tribute every year since I was in third grade. "Mister Cody Myrs," No reaction.

  "Miss Byrd Nighman." She waved as the crowd cheered. "And,.... the Hudner sisters." The crowd gasped. I looked around for Annaleigh, but she was already heading upstage. I entered on the other side of the stage.

  "Oh, well this won't be difficult." Starr complained sarcasm dripping all over the stage. "Okay, which one of you is Annaleigh?" She asked, looking at us back and forth. The crowd was silent, and anxious.

  "I'm Annaleigh." She confessed. Starr handed her a white envelope. 

  "And for you, Miss Genevieve." She said, shoving the envelope in my hand. I couldn't help but stare at the metallic object in my hands. I got the golden envelope. "Now you have a choice." Starr continued. "What will it be?" She said, followed by a long pause.

  'I'll go." I said, shutting my eyes closed. A murmur from the crowd confirmed my safety in their opinions.

  "And who will you be switching spots with?" Starr asked, clearly bored. She already knew. They all already knew.

  "Annaleigh." I mumbled.

  "Who? I'm sorry, but you need to speak up, or we'll have to send them, and not you." She said. She wasn't sorry. She was the host of the game, she made jokes of it, and judged them. She couldn't ever be sorry.

  "I said Annaleigh." I said louder, hoping they wouldn't be able to pick up the difference in my voice. She ran up to me, and squeezed me into a hug.

  "You didn't have to do that." She whispered. "It didn't have to be this way." She continued. Only this time, there was a little hiccup.

  "But, I did have to do that." I said, as I started stroking her hair. "For you." I finished. The guards pulled her away from me, and she began crying hysterically. She kept a free hand in front of her, reaching for me.

  "Now that that's out of the way," Starr said. She is such a bitch. "We must be going." She said, grabbing all of our arms, and pulling us off-stage.


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