Caged (HG Spin-off... I guess)

After a major war, The U.S. gets divided into the Gemstone Regions. Within the regions, there are different countries. Each country must compete in the game-show, Caged, where contestants fight to death. Did I mention that they'll be sharing the arena with mutant animals, such as the Solleonom, a mutant, jungle cat. Luckily for the contestants, there is an exit. If you're the last two standing, or the one who finds the exit, you get the amazing prize of life. But, is it worth living, knowing someone you love is dead?


3. Elevators

  "Thank the stars that's over. It took so long!" Starr exclaimed. What was she complaining about? She wasn't the one who was going to die in a few months! "So," She said, looking at Blayze. "Anyone excited?" 

  "Why would any of us be excited?!" Byrd yelled, "Do you expect me to enjoy being nearly killed, or killed at all?" She continued, putting a hand on her hip. The rest of us went along with it. "Maybe you just don't know, and you never will. You keep your prissy ass out of the arena, or it'll be the last you see of it."

  "Okay, lets change the subject." Cody interjected. 

  "Yes," Starr nodded, "We need to talk about the parade, and where you'll be staying for the next few nights."

  "What's a mobile building?" I asked.

  "I don't care what it is, how it looks, or how fast it is. Buildings.Shouldn't.Move." Byrd snapped. Blayze laughed. "And what is so funny about all of this?"

  "Oh. Well, it's just that...You know...." He tried to speak, but he couldn't stop laughing.

  "Oh. Well, I do know. What do I know? I'll be the one to kill your sorry ass." She continued. Blayze went pale. Cody, and I laughed with Byrd. "Not so cocky now are you?"

  "Alright, alright! Distractions, distractions! We need to get going!" Starr yelled. Is she on her period? 'Cause she's sure as hell acting like it. She led us all out the back entrance. "Now, where did I park?"

  "Are you serious? It's a fucking building!" Byrd yelled. " How hard can it be to find?"

  "Actually," Starr countered, "It's quite difficult, considering how dark it is." She jutted her hip, and looked around. "Ah, there it is." She clicked a button, and the whole building lit up.

  "Damn." Cody muttered. The building was fairly impressive. On the outside, it looked like a normal skyscraper. As Starr lead us all inside, I figured we'd see what that looks like.

  "Sorry it's so outdated, We didn't get our materials for it yet." Starr explained. This is outdated? No. Not from Sapphiria. Maybe in Aquamarianetta, but not Sapphiria.

  "You're kidding, right?" Blayze marveled. 

  "Why would I kid about architecture?" She asked, confusing us all, "Now, lets begin out tour." She said as we strode towards a gigantic elevator. We went through the rendition of rooms, and finally got to ours.

  "And here is where you'll be staying!" She cheered. The ceilings were so high, and the furniture was so soft. Nothing like home, where everything was worn, and old.  She showed us our bedrooms, which had two beds in each. Well, there were only two, so that makes sense.

  "Now, in the letter, there is all of the information you'd need. Your city's party was first, so you'll get to stay here for a few days!" She said, entering the elevator. "I have to go, but we can meet in teh dining hall at eight a.m. tomorrow, alright?" She said as the door closed.

  We all walked around a bit, until Cody got the idea to open our letters. "Okay, so who else is in room D?" He asked. I quickly scimmed my letter.

  Dear Genevieve,

    Blahblahblahblahblah, 10th floor. Your blablahblahblahblah will be Journee Kilohai. After blahblahblahblahblah, you will be blah a blahblah. Your blahblahblahblahblahblahblah is Room D. Blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah. Games are only as....

  "Oh, I do!" I said. Byrd grinned. 

  "You never know what happens behind closed doors, and under sheets," She whispered. "Just saying."

  "Oh, so you and Blayze'll be sharing? That's lovely." I said, raising my voice. Byrd slapped me upside the head as Cody and I giggled. Blayze got all red, just as his name implied. "Oh, is little Blayzey embarrassed?"" I giggled louder.

  I must have just gotten first on his kill-list, because I heard him saying so under his breathe. We all parted ways, afterwards. When I opened the door again, it gave me the same magical feeling I got the first time I saw it. It was just so... so huge. My entire house could fit in the closet. Oh, the closet. It's full of clothes, and shoes. And they're all altered to fit me!

  "A-Are you hungry?" Cody asked, "'Cause I was gonna get some food, it's just that..."

  "It's really creepy when your alone?"

  "Yeah, I guess. So, do you wanna come?" 

  "Yeah, just give me a second. I wanna see if I can find any slippers. My feet are dying in these heels." I said, grabbing at the heel of my shoes. Stupid stilettos. I looked on the closet, and sure enough, there were slippers. I slid my feet in them, tossing my shoes aside. Oh. My. God. They're so soft.

   I caught up to Cody, and we rode in the elevator together. "Nice bunny slippers." He laughed.

  "Your just jealous because you don't have slippers!" I teased. We laughed again. We finally got to the fifth floor, and as soon as we got off the elevator, we collasped in laughter. The guy who got no reaction was actually funny. How weird....

  We each grabbed a platter full of food, and scampered to the elevator like racoons. As the door was closing, we burst into laughter again. "What if we invaded the other rooms?" I asked.

  "That would be awesome!" He exclaimed. "Which one?" He was so excited he probably didn't even realize he was jumping. 

  "Actually, I kind of want to go to the Rooftop. You wanna go?" 

  "Sure." We clicked the last button on the elevator, and waited. When the doors slid open, we both stood they, mouth wide open. Look at the sky! We both took small step, after small step, as we made our way about the roof. 

  "This is insane." He whispered. All we could do was stare at the perfect assortment of clouds, colors, and buildings. How can anything be this... this perfect? I felt a gaze on me, so I turned my head. Yep, Cody was staring. 

  "Would you like to sit?" Cody gestured as he realized I caught him, and mad both of our faces red. "Well, you probably don't eat standing." He said, still panicking.

  "Yeah," I said, flattening my dress on the chair underneath me. "Isn't this just.." 

  "Yeah. It's just so..."

  "I know right?" I said, taking hint that we were on the same page. "So, what school did you go to?" I asked, trying to make conversation.

  "The same one as you." He said. He must have seen the shocked look on my face. Not awkward at all was it? " I mean, we went to the same school. You must not have seen me often, I'm a bit of a....geek." Nice recovery.

  "Um, seriously?" I asked, "I've never seen you around school. Or at school at all. Are you sure?" I asked. I know everyone from school, how could I miss him?

  "Yeah, we were in the same art class two years ago. Remember?" He said. I....I remember. Was that him? I thought it was Ethan. Ethan and I went out two years ago because I.... I dated a douche for nothing?!

  "Oh, that was you? I'm so sorry, I thought you were Ethan." I slipped. Oops. 

  "No, that's fine. Everyone thought I was Ethan, and vice versa. " Oh god, what have I done?

  "So, lets just pretend like that didn't happen." I suggested. He nodded. Now, I feel bad. "So, what's your take on the game?" I asked. Some people think it's a blessing, and others: a curse. 

  "I think the game is stupid. It's not bad, it's not good, it's just stupid." He said. I nearly spit out my cookie. "I just don't want to look like another piece on the game board. You know what I'm saying?"

  I could only nod. Whoa he was deep.... "Well, we should probably go to bed." I said, tossing my plate over the edge of the building. To my surprise, it came flying back up, and broke over the chairs to my left.

  The ride in the elevator was now silent, and awkward. There wasn't any laughter, or talking. Just silence. I probably won't forget this. I won't forget what he said about pieces in a game, or they sunset, or the glimpse of the city we got.

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