Izzy and her sister amanda are forced to move out after a tragedy but one day they come across 5 boys that will change there life read to find out how


6. staying at Nialls

 Izzys POV

    "Get off me"i yelled at the man who just grabbed me "make me little girl"the man said"ok then"i said and kicked him in a place a man should not be kicked and he droped to the ground in pain"see ya suckers"i yelled and ran to nialls as fast as i could.I knocked on the door as fast as i could and i dont know who exactlly opened the door but i jumped in there arms and he held me in his arms my head was in his shoulder so i couldent see his face but i could see his hair and all i saw was curls"so you do like me"Harry said lauging"no two big men grabbed me and i was scared so i just jumped on whoever opened the door i said getting out of his arms"oh"he said "anyway where can i sleep" i asked him "ummm you can sleep on the pool out coach love"he said "ok"i said and he walked to his room i got all my stuff and called my sister and told her where i was and then i called my best friend jenna."Hello" she asked "hey jen"i said"hey izzy"she said"umm wanna hang out tommorow and you can meet my new friends"i asked her"sure where do you wanna meet me"she asked"umm at my house at 3:00"i asked"ok"she said"bye"i said "bye izzy" she said.My friend jenna was one of the prettiest girls i know she has bleach blonde hair and dark brown eyes and she is probally the nicest girls i know and she loves zayn malik.After i talked to jen i went to bed.Next morning."Izzy,Izzy hello" i woke up to someone shaking me"10 more minutes" i said turning around"well i dident want it to come to this"an irish accent said and then i was being tickeled N-N-Niall s-s-s-stop p-p-p-please i said lauing like an idot.Ok your awake so ill stop he said and then he stopped tickling me "ok well i half to go get ready"i said"oh and do yo and the boys want to go with me and my friend she loves you guys"i added "ok" he said "well im gone to get ready you guys come to my house at 2:30 ok"i said"k" he added

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