Izzy and her sister amanda are forced to move out after a tragedy but one day they come across 5 boys that will change there life read to find out how


9. i dont know what to call this chapter

   Louis POV

  Ahhhhhhh i herd from upstairs me and Izzy ran upstairs as fast as posibal and when we got up there we saw Amanda in her bed crying"whats wrong"Izzy asked Amanda and amanda leaped out of bed and hugged her and then hugged me"well you gonna tell me what happend"Izzy asked"I-I-I had a d-d-d-dream that you W-W-W-were dead and L-L-Louis killed you and then h-h-he killed me"she said in tears"ummm i will let you to have a minute"Izzy said and then she walked out"Amanda i would never do something like that to you"i said looking in to her gourges blue eyes "promise"she asked"yes yes completly swear"i said"ok"she lauged "ummmm one more thing i really like you do you wanna be my uh girlfriend"i asked"sure id love to"she said"yay"i said jumping on her bed like a little kid"come on lets go down stairs and tell the guys about us dating"she said grabbing my hand"ok love"i said and we walked downstairs

  Nialls POV

   Izzy told me what happend and i just thought to myself if izzy ever had a dream about me that would make me so happy i really do love her i just need a little push to ask her out.Louis and Amanda came down stairs and louis said"guys we have something to tell you""what"i asked "well me and louis are dating now"Amanda said with a smile ok that was my push im going to ask izzy out tonight.

 Izzys POV

  "Now if you hurt her i will kill you in your sleep,ok"i thretend Louis "sis ill handle him myself if he hurts me"Amanda said"ok you two have fun"harry said winking "oh can it styles"Amanda said "gezz someones fiesty"harry said"shut up styles"amanda said and walked away man they are a cute couple but if he hurts her ill kill him in his sleep and he wont see the daylight


Hey guys Louis and Amanda what a cute couple i love it and i hope niall askes Elizbeth out they would be so cute im so exited yay!

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