Izzy and her sister amanda are forced to move out after a tragedy but one day they come across 5 boys that will change there life read to find out how


7. Hanging with Jenna

   Louis POV

  Once me and the boys walked into Izzys house i saw the most beutifull girl in the world"h-h-hi im amanda"she said izzys sister"i asked"yup"she said "ummmm is there any chance i can get your number"i asked "sure"she said and wrote down her phone number great i said and then there was a knock on the door

   Zayns POV

   Oh well now im sad im the only one who doesent have a girl in there heart

Niall likes Izzy i dont blame him shes very nice

Harry likes Izzy again cant blame him

Liam is getting engaged with Dainell

and im guessing Louis now likes Amanda who is very pretty like her sister i was snapped out of my thoughts by a knock on the door and in walked who im guessing was Izzys friend "JENNA" Izzy yelled running down giving the girl a hug "IZZY"she yelled "Well guys this is Jenn"she was cut off by the girl yelling"YOU DIDENT TELL ME YOUR NEW FRIENDS WERE ONE DIRECTION"she said freacking out "calm down jenna calm down"Izzy said "ok lets go"Amanda said.When we got to the roller derby rink i decided i would hang out with Jenna.Hey i said skating up to jenna HI she said So i said staring at her perfect wavy blonde hair i was wondering if i could get your number i asked her ya sure she said and gave me her number umm exctlly how old are you i asked 19 almost 20 she said cool i said well i half to go see you later BYE GUYS she yelled bye Jenna i said

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