1D and 5SOS Imagines

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I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


20. Luke and Rylie (Part 7)

The crowd roared with approval.

Rylie clapped happily. Watching her favorite boys perform in front of thousands of people was truly amazing, and even with Liam, she supported them completely.

It was amazing that so many girls devoted their lives to these boys, and Rylie remembered when she was little, and obsessed with certain bands.

Rylie watched from backstage, and heard the boys telling everyone to put their flashlights on their phone for the next song. Little Things.

That was Rylie's favorite song. She hummed happily with the song, feeling good for the boys. One day, she will be famous for her singing talent instead of being the "nobody Liam fell in love with."

She had a collection of magazines with articles of her and Liam and they even made it on the front cover of one once. The articles were lies. All of them. One even said, "An exclusive interview with Rylie herself on what's it's like dating Liam Payne." It's crazy because Rylie never gave an interview. There were all these questions she had answered that were most certainly not hers. But she couldn't forget about the constant hate that she got. Sometimes it overwhelmed her. Once she and Liam broke up, she swore never to get with another celebrity until she became one. Now what is she doing? She's with Luke and she knew 5SOS would get big. As ironic as it was, Rylie knew Luke would be there to comfort her the entire time. Liam never did. Rylie thought it was just a guy thing, but now she knows he was just being the jerk he is.

Rylie snapped out of her thoughts, and noticed her dad across the room. She had to be brave. It was driving her crazy not being on speaking terms with her father. They were just so close. She lived with her dad, and stayed with her mom and snot-nosed sister in the summer, so she did most everything with her father. She was never close with her mom after she moved in with her dad at 13, and when she tried to be, they always ended up fighting. Anyway, Rylie didn't understand why Paul was okay with Liam, but not with Luke. They weren't so different. Except for the fact that Luke was a loving, caring, gentle, and all around, a cool guy, and Liam was like an onion. The more layers you peeled off, the more you cried.

Rylie sighed, and walked over to her dad. "Hey..." she said shyly.

Paul looked straight ahead at the boys. "Hey..." he said coldly.

Rylie ignored his harsh stance, and continued. "Listen, I know you're upset, but Luke is a great guy! He's SO kind and really cares about me!"

"For now..."

Rylie shook her head. "You don't see how awesome he is because you're blinded by Liam's perfect image. Well hate to tell you this, dad, but Liam was never a good boyfriend and I see that now. I had to move on and explore, or else, I'll be alone forever."

"Liam wa-is perfect for you. I don't remember what happened between you two, but-" Paul started.

"You don't remember him harshly dumping me for Sophia,"- Rylie breathed out coolly. "You don't remember me crying for DAYS on end...and once I stopped, it was because there were no more tears left!"

"I don't see why you have to move on so quickly.."

"Quickly? I moved on after a YEAR of unhappiness."

Paul just looked ahead, probably left with nothing to say.

Rylie shook her shoulders, looking for ways to plead for her father.

"Dad, if you will just give Luke a chance-"

The crowd roared. Rylie drew her attention away from her father, and peeked out on stage. She saw the entire stadium of people holding papers up that, put together, read "WE ARE 1D FAMILY."

The boys looked stunned, and truly happy. Just an example of the dedication in this fandom.

Rylie gave a minute to be amazed, but soon drew her focus on her father again.

Suddenly, large arms wrapped around her waist, and a smooth chin rested on her shoulder.

"That was awesome performing." Luke smiled, leaving small kisses behind Rylie's ear.

"I bet..." Rylie pouted. She wanted to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

"One day on this tour, I'll drag you out on stage and you can sing with us." Luke said.

"You know you can't do that.."

Luke turned himself to face Rylie, and said, "Well I'm going to anyway..."

Luke was so cheeky. Rylie laughed a "You're crazy but I love you" laugh.

Luke bent his knees slightly to be eye level with Rylie, and he cuffed her small, warm cheeks in his hands. He pulled her in for a kiss, and Rylie multitasked as she wrapped her arms around the back of Luke's neck, and twirled his locks in her fingers while trying to move her tongue continuously as Luke did inside their mouth.

A loud thud hit the ground, and Rylie pulled away immediately. She was still holding on to Luke's arms, and searched for the owner of the thud.

She watched as three security guards formed around something.

Not seeing her father, Rylie let go of Luke and ran to the huddle forming in the corner.

She pushed through a few crew members, and finally saw her father lying on the ground, clutching the shirt over his heart, and looking at the wall while gasping for air.

"Somebody call an ambulance!" Luke screamed, suddenly beside her.

Now, the boys onstage were starting to notice the commotion, and Louis ran offstage to see what was wrong.

"Paul!" he shrieked.

"Dad!" Rylie screamed, kneeling beside her father, trying to help him until the ambulance arrived.



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