1D and 5SOS Imagines

If anyone wants me to do one for you or a friend you know, please comment below and I will work on it as soon as I can...

I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


18. Luke and Rylie (Part 5)

The plane ride to Milan was pretty quiet. Everyone seemed nervous about the concert and Rylie understood why. If she was famous, which she kinda was but she didn't want to be known by everyone as Liam's ex, she would be terrified. It wasn't One Direction's first concert, but it was 5 seconds of summer's.

As everyone climbed into the 2 separate vans leading them to the stadium, Rylie got torn from Luke and ended up between Michael and Liam. Yay...

Michael stared out the window, trying to control his breathing while everyone were talking about how excited they were. Rylie noticed his nervousness, and patted his shoulder.

"It's not that bad...when I went on tour with 1D for Take Me Home, it was actually a lot of fun..." Rylie tried to comfort him as much she could, excluding all the hate her and the boys got. Sure it sucks but you get over it after a while.

Michael looked at Rylie, surprised at her kindness. "Thanks...but...back home, I never really got attention from people, and I'm nervous. When the guys and I walked around saying we were in a band and all that good stuff, it was always Luke...or Calum and Ashton that got wooed by girls..."

"Well just think. You're gonna be on instagram and see a bunch of imagines on how 'Michael pulls away from a kiss and pushes a hair behind your ear and looks in your eyes and says, "I love you babe." And a video of you doing some attractive thing, and the caption will say, 'OH MICHAEL STOP!! WE CAN'T! WHY ARE YOU SO HOT AND SEXY!'" Rylie then impersonated a fangirl, acting like she was having a heart attack.

Michael was (cracking eggs). His giggles erupted throughout the car and everyone turned to look. Once he was able to speak again, he looked at Rylie like a cat looks at milk. "Thanks..." he said tranquilly.

"You're welcome." Rylie smiled a warm smile, and nudged Michael. "Don't forget. If you need a friend and the guys are busy, I'm ALWAYS available."

"Honestly," Michael admitted, "I would come to you first."

"What has Rylie done now?" Liam butted into the conversation.

Rylie rolled her eyes.

"She just helped me become less nervous." Michael said absentmindedly.

"Yea, douchebag." Rylie said.

Liam pulled out his phone and put it up to his ear, pretending he had a call. "Sophia? Oh hey baby! I love you so much! You're my number 1, babe. My forever girl. Remember that one night in the hot tub? 4 long hours of magical, hot-"

"Ok Liam. I get it. Gosh!" Rylie wiped her eyes. Yes, there was a couple tears. Like she had told Luke, Liam had a part of her she couldn't get back, and as much as she hated him, she couldn't help being a little jealous. It would always be a battle between them. Sure Rylie tried to make him jealous too, but it just hurt her in a different way than him. He got angry. She grew sad. Liam had been her first for everything. First date. First kiss. First boyfriend. First sexual encounter. Why couldn't she just let him go?

"Rylie, why are you crying?" Michael asked.

"Ha! I knew you still weren't over me!" Liam threw his hands in the air.

Just then, the car stopped and Rylie pushed Michael out of the way, and stumbled out of the car. "Just stop..." she said, running into the stadium.

She really liked Luke. Like a lot. More than she ever liked Liam. But she didn't know how to prove that she did. Now Liam would run to Luke and tell him everything and the relationship between her and Luke would be over. She didn't want that, but her actions were too hard to explain. She didn't know exactly why she was so upset. 

She somehow found herself in the bathroom, and sat on the toilet crying. Then she heard the door open, and tried to quiet her sobs. 

"Rylie?" somebody called. 

She recognised the voice immediately. "Luke?"






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