1D and 5SOS Imagines

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I do One Direction, 5 seconds of summer


14. Luke and Rylie (Part 1)

         Rylie was Paul's daughter (Paul being the manager of One Direction, so you could say Rylie hung with the band members quite a lot). She went on tour with them, followed them everywhere they went, and since she had an amazing singing voice, helped them write their songs. She even had a little love affair with Liam Payne, and after a year of dating, she thought they were forever.

         Then a girl named Sophia came into the picture, and her beauty swept Liam away, and he tragically broke up with Rylie, leaving her heartbroken. She cried for days, and even cried when there were no tears left. Liam and her breakup even affected her friendship with the other guys, and they rarely hung out. But another year went by, and Rylie didn't care about Liam anymore, and didn't care about the awkwardness. She missed the other guys, and once she graduated from high school, she packed up her bags, and climbed onto the One Direction tour bus.

          The guys were happy to see her. Except Liam. He saw her as a threat to ruin the Sophiam relationship. He thought she was still a crazy ex. But what can you do?

         Rylie climbed out of one the bunk beds and pulled back Niall's cover.

"Niall?" she whispered.

Niall rustled a little, but turned the other way.

"Niall!" Rylie whispered, a little louder.

"What?!?" he mumbled angrily.

"It's the first day of your tour, and you promised after I graduate, you would show me how to play the guitar."

"That was like...forever ago..."

"So? You promised..." Rylie begged.

"Fine..." Niall climbed put of the bed, his hair a mess and his boxers crinkled.

"Thanks..." Rylie smiled happily.

"You do know that band that's gonna be our open act on this tour is coming today? We won't have a lot of time..."

"I can barely stand 5 idiots. not 9!" Rylie laughed, and nudged Niall playfully.

It had been so sudden when she decided to go on tour with the boys. She sat in her room with a box of clothes and thought, "What next? I'll find my way with the boys who I haven't seen in forever!"

"Well you'll have too..." Niall said. "By the way, what time is it?"

"Like 7."

For the next hour, Niall showed Rylie the basic essentials to learn how to play. Truthfully, Rylie had so much time that she could have learned ages ago, but Niall was the closest One Direction member she had at the moment, and she looked forward to the time they spent together.

"Ok, now put your voice and the chords together." Niall's voice echoed in Rylie's head. She had learned the basic notes for one of the one direction songs, and she could make the music.

Rylie tried her voice with the melody and made a nice tune.

"That was really good!" Niall exclaimed.

"Yea, that was..."

Rylie and Niall both turned around to see the owner of that mysterious voice.

In front of them stood a tall, very attractive guy with blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes. He was dressed in a Rolling Stones t-shirt, ripped jeans, and Vans. He looked so laid back, but yet so perfect in Rylie's eyes. She literally had to remember to breathe.

"Luke!" Niall got up, and hugged Luke. "It's good to see you man!"

"Good to see you too!" Luke agreed, and pulled away. His eyes met Rylie's and a smile appeared upon his angelic face.

"And whose this pretty lady?" he asked curiously.

Rylie blushed, and stood up, feeling so weird, she almost curtsied. "My name's Rylie. I'm a friend of the boys..."

"And also my daughter..." Paul said , as he stepped onto the bus. Along followed a round faced boy with red hair, a brown-eyed cutie with huge dimples, and a curly-headed hottie with a pair of drumsticks in his hand.

Rylie hadn't met the band yet and she was absolutely stunned. Too much hotness overload.

Luke looked shocked. "This is your daughter? I must say sir, you did a fine job on this one..." Luke looked back at Rylie and winked.

Rylie was completely frozen. She was still in her pajamas with no makeup and her hair in a messy bun. What was he talking about?

"Hey! Watch it!" Paul growled. He looked at Rylie and smiled. "Honey, this is the other boys of 5 seconds of summer. Michael, Calum, and Ashton. And I see you met Luke."

The boys all waved, and almost automatically made themselves at home.

"5 seconds of summer?" Rylie questioned. "Where'd you get that name?"

"Umm...we don't really know..." Michael said. "I came up with it, but I had no reason behind it..."


Luke sat down and patted next to him. "Come sit down, Hun- I mean Rylie..." Luke corrected under the watchful eye of Paul.

Rylie shyly plopped down beside him. She wasn't normally shy, but Luke's eyes followed her every move, and she was taken away by how hot he was. No one, not even Liam made her feel so tingly inside, and Liam and her were supposed to be forever.

"You have an amazing voice." Luke stated.

"Th-thanks..." Rylie gulped, mentally slapping herself. She could've said something like, "You do too..." but honestly she hadn't heard a single one of their songs.

"Luke, stop chastising the girl!" Calum yelled.

"Chastise? Is that on your little 'Word of the day Calendar'?" Luke threw back.

The boys laughed.

"Well, I'll go wake up the other guys!" Niall said happily. "It's so great to have you guys here on tour with us!"


The tour bus felt crowded with 10 men and 1 girl. Liam watched disgusted as Rylie and Luke talked, in their own conversation out of the full conversation in the room.

"Yea, I've been singing since I was like 7...I used to sing as a little girl in church." Rylie was saying, warming up to Luke's charming self.

"And how old are you now?" Luke asked.

"I'm 18. I literally graduated high school and turned 18 on the same day like a month ago."

"I'm not old enough for her! I'm just waiting til I'm 18!" Luke burst into a song. "Anyways, I'm 18 too..."

"Ohh, how convenient!" Rylie giggled.

Luke chuckled too. "So, was Niall teaching you the guitar earlier?"


"Well, you know I could teach you..." Luke suggested.

Rylie smiled. "I'd like that."

Luke looked at Rylie for a moment, and lowered his voice so the other boys couldn't hear. "Man, We're really hitting it off! Do you maybe wanna...I don't know...hang out tonight or something? Go see a movie or get some pizza?"

Rylie had butterflies in her stomach. She didn't even have to think about her answer. "Yes! I mean...yea, sure..."

"Cool..." Luke smiled, brushing a hair behind Rylie's ear.

Rylie felt so wanted and happy until she looked up at her dad, glaring over at them. The smile vanished from her face.

Paul quickly got up, and motioned for Rylie to follow him outside.

Rylie shook with confusion and fear. "Luke, I'll be right back..." Rylie got up, and followed her father out the door.


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