New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


15. Twit Cam

Crystal's p.o.v

Holy freaking snip. The Camera. Thanks for reminding us Lou. I watched as red faced Jake waved slightly to the MacBook camera. " Ehh Hello " and boom just that fast , like 2 million people joined the live stream and maybe everyone sent in a comment at once.

Future_Princess ( how original) - Wat the fcking hell,y dos dat orpfan get 2 live wit 1D nd date Prnce Jake? Umm maybe because I can spell bitch.

Hump_Dump ( Isn't he lovely ?) - Damn Crystal sure is fine , I wouldn't mind keeping her. I look better than that twat anyway. I blush, I blush. But good luck holding a candle to Jake.

Nina_idgaf12 (I like it ) - People need to fuck off. They are clearly happy so, go away you round of tossers.

Nialler's-Princess ( bitch you ain't gonna be my mum) - Where is Niall? And who's the girl?

"Woah , Woah , woah -"

I cut Li off having to add my thoughts. "People of the world chill out. Oh and 'Future _Princess' don't hate, it's not my fault I got what you can't have and I case it's not clear, I am obviously a much more mature person , so yeah , you can suck it. Stop sending me hate, it's 1/12 of almost making me half care. People of the world calm your ti-" My rant was cut short by a hand placed over my mouth.

"Princess, I really don't think you should say such words t- ; Did you just lick my hand?!?!" Jake scream shouted still not moving his hand. I nodded quickly wanting him to release my eating hole.

I looked back at the screen.

Future_Princess - Finally someone shut her up. Such an improper slut. Oh no this Bitch didn't.

I ripped Jake's hand off of my mouth quickly.

"Future_Princess bit-" a hand was placed on my knee. Jake. "I mean female dog , I don't do twitter wars, let me know where you are. I promise. I won't have a problem getting there. I see some ratchet trick took speaking lessons seeing as you can spell know. Snaps for you female dog. I am glad you can read and write. One I am 13 , so I doubt I am a slut. But that's very easy for you to say behind a keyboard, why don't you meet me at a McDonalds or somewhere and we can settle -" I felt a pair of lips on my cheek. Really soft lips, they lingered there before slowly pulling away. What was I saying? Oh that's right. "We can settle this -" my body was turned and a small peck was placed onto my lips. Then they whispered.

"Be nice Princess. You have me not her." Jake reminded me.

I cleared my throat "what I meant to say was You have a very active imagination , and big dreams. Enjoy sunshine and don't forget how to walk in a straight line ." I said with a smile.

The whole room burst into laughter. I kept my million watt smile on and pretended to be fine.

Brent_a.k.a surfer (sounds hot ) - Dayumm Crystal , you got spunk. Marry me please. I am only 14 and I will wait for you and I live in Aussie. Aww what a cutie.

"Brent_a.k.a surfer , assuming your name is Brent Let me ask you some questions. Brent what part of Aussie are you from?"

I waited a bit while the other were practically in tears, still cackling.

"You know guys, I don't understand what the hell is so funny." I confided into the audience.

Brent_a.k.a surfer - I am from Melbourne .

"Melbourne? I heard the Janoskians were from there. Next time the guys are on tour we will most defiantly hang o-" Jake turned the camera towards himself.

"What's this I hear about Crystal going to hand with some guy in Melbourne? Mate she's mine. Mine. " I yanked the camera away from him.

"Jeez Jake, no need to be mean." I criticized. "No worries Brent, we will totally hang." I winked into the camera. I turned to see a pissed off Jake. Phewwwww never took him as the jealous type. I tried to grab his hand but he turned away. "Aww Jake, c'mon. " I pleaded grabbing his hand but he yanked it away.

I huffed in annoyance. " Well everyone is occupied so let's go an adventure. As of now this is me twit cam. " I declared picking up laptop from the table, heading towards the door. "So yeah I run this show now so let's go " I opened the door and head to Dad's room. I opened the door and put a finger to my lips to both the camera and Niall.

"So I have a surprise guest for you all . If this person will let me " I looked at him and he nodded motioning me over.

"So surprise !!" I said oozing enthusiasm. I sat on the bed and showed Daddy's face.

And once again the comments blew up, asking about his well being.

He smiled and waved slightly. "Hey guys , long time no talk. I am fine , just a bit hungry is all. Did you all know that hospital food sucks ?!?!?" He nearly shouted. I couldn't help but suppress a small giggle. He turned to me and kissed my cheek.

"So has little Shorty here been nice?" He asked looked dead at me and I just laughed nervously.

"I am just gonna leave you to your fans " I rushed , placing the laptop on his lap. I kissed his cheek. "Love you , daddy , this is your show now. " I laughed running to the door , straight back to Zayn's room. I ran and jumped onto a very pissed off Jake and placed butterfly kisses onto his cheek. He moved away again, I tried once more kissing his nose, but he moved once more.

"Fine." I huffed getting off of him , about to head to the cafeteria. All I did was promise meet a fan. God he is such an air head. I felt to arms wrap around my waist, crashing me into a semi hard wal- wait walls don't have arms. I was spun around to meet a pair of familiar soft lips. Nothing exciting just a 'sorry' kiss. I pulled away first. My turn to play hard to get. His eyes showed a flash of hurt. He leaned in again , but I turned my head , causing him to kiss my cheek.

"Okay , Crystal. I am sorry. I just got a bit jealous. You are mine Crystal , not that Brent guy. I am sorry I just get a little angry when you talk to other guys." He tried to explain sheepishly, a slight blush rising from his neck. Awwww.

"Awww , my little Prince is possessive." I cooed pinching his cheek. More blush. "I think it's cute" I added , along with more blush to his face.

He leaned in an put his head in the crook of my neck. "Mine" I heard him whisper, before kissing my cheek making a trail to my lips.


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