New Life

Little Crystal , has had a rough life , even at the young age of 12 . With not knowing either parent she grew up in an orphanage , with only one friend way older than her. Niall Horan. He volunteered at the orphanage since Crystal was one and they connected instantly. But Niall loses contact with her when he goes to addition for X Factor. One Mistake brought them back together , what happens to Crystal now in her New Life ?


3. Jake


Recap: I went rolling into Jake. We reached the low point of the half pipe and I ended up laying under him. Are laughing went silent and we were looking in each others eyes. He started leaning down we were so close. 

"Crystal" Shoot.


Jake quickly got off of me and I stood up just as fast running my fingers through my hair. 

"Crystal what the hell are you doing out with a boy at this time of night ?" Harry yelled in a fake authoritative voice. I looked at Jake and he looked at me and we both struggled to keep a straight face.

"Harry, what do you mean this time of night , it is like noon" I asked before burst out laughing , I soon heard Jake's laughter. I was clutching my sides when we were done laughing.  We looked at Harry and we stopped giggling completely. His authoritative voice must have been serious. 

"Wait Uncle Harry you were serious ?" I asked raising an eyebrow. 

"Yes , Now fuck off you little prick" He raised his voice towards Jake. Jake flinched but didn't move, instead he grabbed my hand. 

"With all do respect Sir , Crystal has done nothing wrong and you have no right to yell or raise your voice at her in anyway,or any female for that matter.  " Jake said pulling my closer to him. He wrapped a protective arm around me and I instantly felt safe.I looked at him in awe. 

" Get your hands off of my niece. She has been gone for 3 hours and didn't answer a call or text " Harry yelled grabbing me. 

I jerked away from him and started signing really quick. 

"You have no right to take me from him. You didn't care when I left or when Zayn said all of those hateful words. So why the fuck should I think you care now ? " He looked pissed. I was a bit oblivious to the fact that he couldn't understand a thing I was expressing. 

"Dammit Crystal , you know damn well I don't know sign language ." He said/shouted running his hands through his hair. 

"She said 'You have no right to take me from him. You didn't care when I left or when Zayn said all of those hateful words. So why the fuck should I think you care now ? ' " Jake quoted exactly what I signed. I looked at him in awe again. 

Harry sighed. "Your right Crystal, I just was in shock and I am really sorry. I was really worried and I did care when you left . I just didn't know where you went. I am really sorry I am being a real prick right now," He said completely sincerely. He continued , "I am sorry for raising my voice at you Crystal and ..." He trailed of not knowing Jake's name. 

"Jake" Harry repeated. "I am thankful that you care for Crystal. I truly am, your right, I shouldn't raise my voice at any female , especially not Crystal" He said apologetically.  

"No hard feelings, if I lost Crystal I would probably lose it too." Jake said , looking down at me. What did he mean by that? He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. 

Jake extended his hand. "Hello , my name is Jake Mountbatten-Windsor " That name sure does sound pretty familiar. 

"Nice to meet you Jake , my name is Harry Styles "Uncle curly fry said extending his hand shaking it firmly. I was so over the moon right now. Everything is okay now!!

" Do you guys want some ice cream ? -" We cut Harry off with a shouted 'yeah'.

"Well here you guys go, have fun and don't worry about your dad Chrissy." Harry said handing me about 50 euros. I gladly accepted. "There is a great shop down the street just walk straight, be safe  " Harry said leaning in and kissing my forehead. 

" I want her back at 10 p.m sharp " Harry strictly said to Jake. 

" Wouldn't think of breaking curfew , Thank you Mr.Styles" Jake replied. 

"I know " Harry said smirking and with that he stalked off. 

Me and Jake picked up our skate boards. He grabbed my hand, I felt heat rise to my cheeks. 

"Let's go " He said gently leading me outta the park. As we walked through the area, I noticed people bowing and shuffling out of the way. That is really strange huh. 

" Jake ?" I called to him. 

" Huh " He sounded nervous. 

"Why are people bowing?" I asked feeling a bit creeped out right about now. 

"W-What people? , I don't see p-people , W-What bowing , W-What are people?" He rambled on nervously. Yeah something is most defiantly up. That's when flashes started again. 

"Prince Jake , why are you with the girl ?"

"Isn't she the same girl we saw exiting the Famous boyband home?"

"Prince Jake , what is her name?" 

"Prince Jake over here." 

"Prince Jake how does it feel being and uncle at such a young age?" 

All of these flashes and bright - WAIT HOLD THE TRUCK UP!!!!!

PRINCE JAKE? As in Prince Jake?

He has a ton of explaining to do. 

We reached the little ice cream parlor on our skate boards. Luckily going fast enough that we left the paparazzi in the dust. We entered the shop and all the Men , Women and children stood and bowed. 

"Prince Jake " They all spoke in a chorus. He nodded and they immediately sat down. Yep. A Shizz load of explaining to do.  

He didn't even look at me, but our hands were still perfectly intwined as we walked to the counter to place out order. 

"Prince Jake" The cashier spoke softly bowing very gracefully. 

"Good Afternoon Madam , May I have 2 scoops of mint chocolate ice cream in a cone and 2 scoops of cookies and cream ice cream in a cup,with a topping of nuts." He said in a very proper tone. Is this the same cocky boy I had a skate off with ?

" Coming right up , your Majesty. I will deliver it to your table. You may have a seat if you wish " She said before walking away. I let Jake's hand go and couldn't even look at him. I heard him sigh as I went to a counter like table where there was only one side and the other side was facing the window. I sat on the left and looked out the window. A small tear escaped my eye and I mentally cursed myself for letting it slip as I quickly whipped it always

Jake gently moved my face so that I was facing him. I just couldn't bring my self to look at him. My eyes went to the ground. Was the Jake I came really like ... Fake ?

"Please look at me Princess " his voicing cracking. I Just can't. "Princess please " He begged his voice cracking again. I looked at him and my eyes went straight to his. 

The once sparkling blue eyes with lovely specks are now darker and wet. The Happy upbeat spirit in them were gone it was replaced with hurt, sorrow and regret. I wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his around me. 

"Why didn't you tell me Jake?" I asked clearly wanting to know. 

"I didn't want you to treat me differently. I wanted you to like me because I was me , not because I was the Prince.I didn't want you to treat me like all the other girls and throwing themselves at me" he admitted squeezing me tighter. 

"I am not other girls " I whispered in his chest. 

" I know, you are my Princess " He said still holding me.

I had nothing more to say. He lifted me from his chest and stroked my hair  softly. 

"My beautiful Princess " He said leaning in and kissing my check softly. Sparks and fireworks shot through my body. He pulled back but I could still feel where his lips were. My cheeks flared once I realized that the paparazzi where outside of the window snapping away. 

" Jake they are here and they see us." I whispered to him. 

"I don't care, I want the world to know how special you are to me." He said  grabbing my hand intertwining our fingers. We both smiled. 

"Here you go your Majesty , the same lady from the register greeted us, placing the tray in front of us. She bowed before leaving 

"You remembered my favorite Ice Cream?!?!?" I asked practically jumping in my seat. He laughed. 

"I know almost everything about my Princess" He said in a 'duh' tone. Good. 

"Come on Princess, catch up. " Jake teased. He started skating way before me. 

"Cheater" I shouted back trying to catch up. 

"In your dreams" he shot back , turning his head to face me. 

"Well them this must be a dream because , you most definitely cheated " I snapped , but no worries I was gaining on him quickly. I was dodging rocks and sticks as fast as I could. 

I was finally side by side with him. He reached over and grabbed my hand, intertwining our finger. I can't even say the blush raised,it happened so quick it was like it just appeared. 

We were currently skating to my house since it was like 9:30. I really got to know him a lot better and I really like a lot. And NO it isn't because he is a Prince in all honesty it really doesn't matter what he is known as, He is still a great person. 

We started slowing down till we came to a complete stop. We were at the end of the street my house was on. We picked up our boards and grabbed each others hands soon after interlocking our fingers once more.

"Princess," He called, My head snapped towards him.

"Yeah , Jake " I responded. 

"Does it matter that I am a prince?What I mean is if you met me knowing I was a prince, would it change the way you feel about me now? Or would it be the same?" He asked. I thought about it for a second. 

"In all honesty it would change very few things in the beginning. Like I wouldn't have called you a cocky cunt," We laughed together but I still continued. "I probably would have said arrogant prick or something , but I would have still stood up to you, so I you would have just acted the same as you did after the competition when we actually got to know each other... Everything would be the same. Not a single feeling I have would be changed " I added answering his question. He smiled revealing teeth I couldn't describe as anything else but perfect and since his smile is so contagious I smiled back. 

"You have a beautiful smile , Princess " I blushed again and looked away so he couldn't tell I was. 

"Thank you , but I think your smile is just as beautiful " I complimented him back. At the ice parlor we established that , that would be our first date. 

" I don't know Princess , you may have me beat " He sighed in an act of loss. Blush,Blush. 

"Stop" I said throwing my hood on my head, looking down. 

"Stop what?" He asked , as if he didn't know. 

"Stop complementing me. My cheeks are going to be forever red, Jake. I don't really get them like that."   I admitted looking down. Jake stopped walking , and so did I. He placed his board down and grabbed my face. 

"That means you haven't been hanging around the right people. Crystal, you are beautiful from your little dancing shoes to your beautiful brunette hair you call a mess and  I call perfection." He stoked my face gently while saying such things. "You are way better than perfect actually , perfect is boring  , but on you it's extraordinary and you actions and thoughts really catch my attention. You don't try to have attention on you , but what you don't realize is eyes are on you as soon as you are on the scene. You are very different from the girls in England. You are you and not afraid to show it to the world, and. May not have know you for more than a day... But a day with you is like forever with the Queen. I want us to one day rule England together. I have so much to say in such little time." His face was so serious yet sincere. Tears slipped my eyes, wow I just,can't even , just wow. I dropped my skateboard and wrapped my arms around him tightly and to my fortune his went around me. He planted his lips on my forehead . And my already fired cheeks heated up more. 

"You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different" He mumbled in my hair. I pulled back 

"Thank you Jake , London honestly isn't that bad anymore." I smiled wiping my face. 

He picked up both of our boards and we continued walking.

We were at the front of the house. I grabbed my board from Jake and just as I expected. Flashes and screaming girls came from out of no where. 

"Is that Prince Jake?" 

"Prince Jake why are you hear with the girl?" 

Screams where all over and questions from everywhere else.  

The door swung open and me and Jake along with our boards were flung through the door and it was slammed behind us. Niall. 

"Okay 1 , Crystal were where you I was worried sick. " Niall said wrapping his arms around me squeezing me tight. "Princess who is this ?" He asked looking up at Jake who was standing right beside me. 

"You call her princess too? Told you were a Princess " Jake said towards me. 

"Wait I know who you are. You are the Prince. Prince Jake if I remember correctly. "Niall said releasing me he did the curtsey thingy and continued. 

"Why did you have my little girl out so late?Prince or not you should ask her father for -" Niall was cut off by Harry. 

"Well you guys are a couple minutes early, Hey Crystal , Ello Prince Jake." Harry said bowing. 

"Hello sir Harry" Jake said in his posh accent.

"Wait Uncle Haz you knew he was a Prince am I the only one late on this ?" I asked , gobsmacked. 

"Yep" he said popping the 'p'. 

"You knew where they were ?" Niall asked confused. 

"Yeah, I found them at the skate park and told them the rules at let them go " Harry said in a 'duh' tone. 

"Oh" Niall said catching on. "Well she looks okay , so you will look okay when you leave " Niall added inspecting my arms and legs for bruises. 

I laughed. 

"Jake , do you wanna stay for dinner ?" I asked hopefully. He looked at Harry and Niall, they nodded in approval. 

"I would love to , just spare me some time to ring my mum" He replied to me. I smiled and he smiled back just as bright. 

I nodded and he stepped to the door and pulled out his phone. 

" Prince Jake we shall be right back. " Harry said tugging me up the stairs. Jake just nodded in acknowledgement. 

" Harry where are we going ?" I asked Ina frustrated tone. I really want to be downstairs with Jake  

"Some people want to meet you !" He spoke smiling. Who are the people?

Harry opened the door and I saw two of the other residents in the home. 

I smiled instantly. "Hi" I gleamed waving at them.The one with the beanie on his head and Shizz loads of tattoos on his arms, hugged me tightly. 

"I am really sorry I was acting so rude and snobbish. None of anything that happened was your fault" He whispered still engulfing me with a hug.

"It's okay , I know what it is like to lose someone really important to you." I reassured him hugging him back.

He pulled back releasing the grip on me. 

"My name is Louis , I am from Doncaster." He said giving me the warmest smile. 

"My name is Crystal, I am from Mullingar" I responded with the same warm smile. 

The other with a quiff spoke. 

"I apologize too, you didn't deserve that. My name is Liam I am from Wolverhampton." Liam said standing up to hug me. 

"Really it's fine all that matters is we are okay now " I gleamed tackling him in a hug. 

He laughed and hugged me back. 

I took both of their hands. 

"Come on I want you guys to met someone " I bubbled practically dragging them down the stairs. 

They both laughed and followed me willingly. 

When I got to the bottom of the steps I saw Jake talking to Niall and Harry. 

Liam and Louis jaw dropped. 

"Prince Jake " The simultaneously said sounding gobsmacked.  

"Hey Jake, what did you mum say ?" I asked my body jumping in anticipation. 

" She said I could stay as long as you will have me I just need to check in with her every few hours. Oh and she insisted that you all came for breakfast tomorrow at 9 am sharp " He finished after looking up trying to remember everything. Eating with the Queen of England holy cow. "Oh yes and please call me Jake." He said in his normal tone the one I got used to at the park. Meaning he dropped the proper shizz. 

Liam and Louis's eyes were as big a golf balls. 

I released Louis and Liam's hands and wrapped my arms around Jake. 

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. 

"Thank God you dropped you proper british accent. It really makes seem full of yourself " I scoffed playfully. 

"Crystal!" Louis exclaimed. 

"Louis you really need filling in." I laughed. 

"Ouch Princess, but now I know how to annoy you" He smirked poking my cheek. 

"Well you can't annoy me if I am ignoring you " I said in a snooty voice. 

"Nooo I promise I won't annoy you "Jake pleaded holding me tighter. 

"Jake If you hold me any tighter I might lose all of the air in my body"His body shook as he laughed. 

"Well then I suggest you don't ignore me."He suggested grinning really hard, dimples showing and all. 

"Okay lets make a deal. If you let me go I won't ignore you" I reasoned with him. 

He thought about it. " No Deal " and with that he picked me up and carried me to the living room, setting me on the couch still not releasing me. I started ignoring him. 

" We are going to get ingredients for the lasagna we will back in about an hour. Prince Jake , remember what ever you do to my daughter I do to you." Niall called. "Oh and Zayn should be here in a few minutes. Bye guys." He added. Kissing my forehead. 

"Bye Daddy " I said as he was leaving. Numerous footsteps shuffled out of the door ,leaving me and Jake alone.

I pulled out my phone and started playing Minion Rush. 

"Princess , talk to me"He begged. I just ignored him and continued running my minion dressed in the baby costume. 

"Princess...I'm sorry ...." I just ignored him and jumped over the car by sliding my finger up on the phone.     Them the presence of the tiny device disappeared. 

My head snapped to where it was taken.    

I huffed and stood up. Nope not losing this one not even the the Prince.

He grabbed my waist placing me back on the couch. 

"Come on Princess, if I made the deal I would get the worse  end." He explained making a puppy face. 

I sighed " And how is that?" I asked. I need to know this. 

"You said I had to let you go , and that is something I never wanna do." He mumbled, looking at his lap playing with his hands. Awwwww. Okay I am losing to a Prince. 

"I heard you !!" I shouted jumping right in front of him. 

" I actually heard you"I shouted again. 
His face lost color then his cheeks went bright red. 

"I-I didn't mean to say it aloud I-" He was stuttering like crazy , so I cut him off with a hug. I kissed his cheek. Then his cheeks went completely red.     

"It's okay. You are already like my best friend. I don't wanna lose you either." I complimented still holding on him. 

Jake p.o.v *surprise!!*

Her hair fell perfectly from off her shoulders and her eyes shine brighter than any jewel in the world. 

"Jake" She waved her hand in front of my face. 

"Sorry , I was just thinking " I said thinking quickly. I can't let her know how I feel about her though I doubt she hasn't found out yet. 

Crystal is really different. She didn't change the way she treated me when she found out I was prince. All the other girls I knew waited on ms hand and foot and didn't have their own opinion. They changed their beliefs to mine and when I tried to get it to work so England could have some allies so I had to become friends with the princess their who were my age and my mum planned for me to marry them as soon as I was eighteen. I hated they couldn't think for themselves. So I three hints that I wasn't interested. Crystal has her own opinion and love that about her. 

"Do you wanna talk about it? It seemed really important. " she is so caring n

"No Princess it is alright, I would rather talk about you " I said releasing her and turned my body to her crossing my legs indian style, facing the side of her body. She turned and faced me mirroring my position. 

"My life honesty isn't that interesting. I am sure yours is way more exciting. " She shrugged. 

"Noo , I wanna hear it anyway " I insisted looking right into her beautiful brown eyes with little hazel specks. 

"Umm how about you ask questions and I will answer them" She suggested sitting straighter. 

"Deal" I smiled and grabbed her petite hands in mind and noticed her black finger nail polish. My hand traveled to her wrist which her hoodie was covering. She tensed a bit. 

I slowly grabbed the end of the her hoodie and started to pull it up. 

"Please don't " she pleaded her eyes watering. No she can't be harming herself. Why would she? She is wonderful. 

"Princess , what is it ? Please just tell me , I don't know if I can bear seeing it" I begged kissing her hand. 

"I-I" she stopped and burst in tears,she took her hands and slipped them from my grasp , using them to cover her face. I hate seeing her like this. I moved closer to her amd wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back in a soothing way. 

"Shh , it's okay Princess . You don't have to tell me ." I spoke soothingly,repeating it over and over. Trying to keep my voice from cracking , acknowledging the fact that I have silent tears streaming down my face. 

I kissed the top of her head. I put her in my lap cradling her like a baby. My baby. 

Her sobs became quieter and quieter until they completely stopped. I still held her really close. 

"Princess don't do that to yourself anymore. Please ,Love. You are better than this . Promise me you won't do this to yourself. Please Crystal." I heard my voice crack and she grabbed my hand and joined it with hers. She turned and to face me.

"I promise Jake" She promised kissing my hand. She stifled a little laugh . Just seeing her little small laugh made me smile. 

"What's so funny beautiful" I instantly regretted say it. Not that she isn't beautiful. But I am making it pretty clear that I fancy her. 

"You haven't known me for a full day and you are already my rock " She smiled , just talking about it. "You know more about me than anyone else in the world. You read me like an open book and make me feel better. Thank you " she kissed my cheek quickly before snuggling herself further into my chest. I just adjusted and let her lay there.  This feels right and lucky for me I am only a year older than her and that not even a complete year. 

My eyes got heavy and I struggled to keep them open. With the energy I had left I kissed Crystal's forehead letting it linger. I pulled her closer to me , desperate for her to be closer. She snuggled in even further. I smiled before drifting off to sleep, and slipping into darkness. 

My eyes snapped open due to the shaking of my body. I looked at the clock. 10:40. I looked down and saw Princess in my arms holding me tightly. 

"Prince Jake your car is here." Sir. Niall informed me. 

I thanked him and stood up with Princess in my hands. Niall  took her body but her arms were still wrapped around me. 

"No , Jake don't leave " She mumbled half sleep. 

"I have to go beautiful. I will see you tomorrow okay" I whispered. 

"I want a kiss , to seal the promise "She mumbled back. I leaned down and kissed her cheek softly. 

"There you go beautiful. I will see you later okay ." I whispered. She tugged me to her. I love how she is not letting me go. 

"Please don't let me go , I am tired of feeling alone (A/N sorry I couldn't stop myself) " She said holding me closer. 

"I will never let you go. I just have to leave for a couple hours. I promise " I kissed her forehead this time sealing the deal. She seemed convinced and let me go. I really just wanted to stay with her, but I know my mum wouldn't agree though. 

"Okay Jake " She mumbled."Wait" She said grabbing my arm. I moved closer to her. She leaned up and kissed my cheek and I blushed instantly. 

"Bye Jake " 

"Bye Crystal "

Niall was silent the whole time. I left the house. I miss Crystal already. The driver opened the door of the limo for me and closed it behind me. 

I though about Crystal the whole way home. 

Getting in the palace and the drive to the palace is all a bit blurry. I only remember thinking about Crystal as I dove under my duvet drifting to sleep. 


Who knew Jake was a Prince ? Who knew he wasn't snobby?Wasn't he a sweetheart ? 

What do you guys think?

And Become a Fan. 

Thank you for reading. Sorry if this chapter sucked I am just really tired but I still wanted to post it so TA-DA

Love you guys ,

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