My first Movella! This is a story about Guardians of the Elements and the Demons of the Myths but sequels will involve other characters. it is set in modern day from the point of view of one of four of the narrating characters -Bradley London


2. Shocked - the first time!

Looking at my watch, I realised that we had 5 minutes before I had to be in Calculus and we headed towards the basketball court to shoot some hoops.

                What seemed longer than five minutes later, I was winning 10 baskets to 1 and as I was about to exclaim my triumph the whole world around me stopped – as in shocked by static in a power cut. What was even weirder though was the fact that the voice was much clearer now!

                “Bradley … Can you hear me? We are connected! Your static attitude is allowing me to contact you …”

                “Whoa! Slow down! I can’t see you! Let alone believe you … Whoevers idea was this must be real good! Come on Matt, we are late for class.” As I walked over to Matt, he didn’t respond so I shook him gently only to find that he was stuck in place like a statue made from gold. Now I was freaked! “Say, what is the deal anyway? What have I done to be haunted?!” Rage rose up inside me and I swear that electricity was sparking in my hair!

                “Easy there lightning rod!” As the mystery man was talking, he was shimmering into existence as my rage grew. “Hey, I’ll introduce myself – the invisible man. My name is Thor! No, I am not the THOR but I am his great-great-great-great grandson! The reason I am here is because, well it is quite hard to believe actually…”

                “Let me guess? Is it something to do with a destroyed city where the sun is blue?!” I could see I hit a nerve as Thor had recoiled now as if he had remembered something terrific that had happened. “Sorry. Never mind… it is great that you’re Thor and all but I am not interested so if you could leave me alone then free my friend so I can get to my calculus final please! That would be much appreciated!”

                “I kind of can’t! I am tethered to you now! You are the Guardian God of Thunder for Earth! There are dangers much worse than the ones that struck my planet of Asgard to come and I will be here to help you all the way!”

                “Asgard?! Oh, that’s where you came from! I remember the story of Asgard you, Odin and your brother Loki! What happened?” I regretted asking because he hung his head and looked all sad … The next thing I knew, he was fading again but reappearing inside my mind! Great! Now there are two people inside my head!

                Time moved forward and I told Matt that we were late! As soon as I realised there was no one else around us he quickly grabbed his bags and ran off in the opposite direction as I trudged along to my calculus room…

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