One less lonley girl

Guess what you an your bestie got consent tickets to see JUSTIN BIEBER you both are both belieber's you both are in lie with him and when u go to the concert you end up being the one less loney girl and after the consent it gets even better :) but u must read to find out what happens


2. Justin wants to meet me !

Before I got in the car I called Justin like he asked 

me: Justin ?

justin : yes is this my oollg Bree?

me :yes this me 

justin : ok u didn't leave yet right ?

me: no y

justin : meet me in the back of the srena in 2 minuets 

me : ok ill be there

* I tell Kayla ill be back soon  *

kayla : ok ima take a drive tho text me when ur done. 

Me : ok see ya * I make my way to the back of the arena where Justin is there waiting for me 

justin : damn ur sexy  

me : thanks justin 

justin : I no we just met but I really like u * he kisses me  on the lips *

me: wow ! I can't believe this is happening 

justin: do u wanna go to a after party with me 

me: yes of course I do  

Justin ok it's in two hrs text me and ill come pick u up  

me : ok well I gtg get ready byee  *justin pulls me close and kisses me*

justin : *wispers in my ear* I no im moving fast but i love u will u be my baby ?! 

Me :yes I would love to 

justin : ill pick u up at 11 pm love ya bye

me : I love  u too ok




Sorry it's not long ill make the next chaper longer


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