No Ordinary Life

Hi my name is Ashely-Rose. My last name is monteyer. I am in a ophanage my parents died when i Was 6 years old. My dad died in a car accident with my mom i Was in the car accident too. Now i am 17 years old. I have a best friend her name is bella mier. her parents died too in a car accident at the same age as me. She is one one week older than me.
What happens whens someone adopts her and bella and its one direction, she loved them but she is also scared because she doesint know what they might do to to her???
Find out what happens in no Ordinary life.


2. Chapter 2:

Bella POV:

We got to a large house, well it Wasint a large house it looked like a mansion. Then EVRYONE got out except me and Ashely we got pulled back by Harry and locked the doors and was touching Ashely's leg and going upper and she took it off, but he didint listen and he put his hands on mine and hers. On mine he was going upper I had shorts on so he went up like to un buckle my shorts but I didint let him then he told me so I'm you're favorite he looked down to my shirt I just shook my head saying yes and then I took his hand off and unlocked the door and me and Ashely got out but then I went back to get mine and Ashely's makeup bag and left, I felt Harry behind me and grabbing my waist " he said well if you like me well let's take it to another level" then I said I might like you but I'm a virgin and I won't lose it because a big jerk told me to, he said that is harsh I said yeah I know. When I got to the front gate it was locked I can see from the other side that zayn, Liam, Louis, Ashely, and Niall, then I turned around letting me see Harry's face right in front of mine he grabbed my waist and started to kiss me, I tried to back away but he was too strong, but then I kicked him in the you know what part and turn around then he said look to you're other side, I did what I was told I saw some lesbos kissing then they turn around to see me and come over to me and grab my waist I said I'm not a freaking lesbo and walk away Harry was up so I kicked him in the private part two times really hard and climbed over the huge gate and walked into the house. Harry was still on the ground. When I got in I saw zayn'a shirt on the floor and Ashely sitting on top of him kissing him then I see Liam, Louis, Niall, I say what are you doing, Liam says playing a game that the boys take of their shirt and for ten minutes you have to kiss a girl I said can I play he said sure. then Harry walks in and says I want to play too with that we All sat down on the floor. We didint get to pick because the boys did we just waited until we were picked I told Ashely in her ear that I wish we don't get pick by Louis he is our brother now. After awhile of fun Louis gets pick and chooses Ashely. Then Ashely gets up ad Louis takes of his shirt and sits down on the couch and waits for Ashely to sit down,

Ashely POV:

When I sat down on Louis he was smirking and I started to kiss him and he grabbed my waist and I felt his tounge I knew he wanted entrance but indidint let him, he was better than Liam but zayn is way better than all of them I felt his hand going in my shirt I slapped it away and got up and ten minutes past and I hear a knock on the door. By now Harry was on the floor sleeping, I didn't let him sleep in one of my beds. ( yeah I said beds because well ill make a tour of their bedrooms Ina a next chapter ) info to open it and see it was Louis my brother. He looked drunk. I told him have you been drinking he said mabye a little, then screams at me to go on the bed. I did what I was told and went to the bed, I was scared he screamed at me and he barley adopted me and Bella today. Then he grabs Harry from the floor, letting Harry being awake and takes him outside of the room. When he came back he locked the door and told me to lay down I did again what he told me, and he said oh good girl " I replied back I'm not a dog", he said shut the hell up and starts kissing me harshly, i tried to get out of his grip but he was way too strong. I couldn't believe it he is raping me and I'm his little sister now and he is not using any kind of protection. After a hour an a half he stopped and got of me. By now we were both naked I grabbed the blanket and covered myself, Louis was in my bed next to me and kissing my neck, that's when I feel a hand grabbing my butt, I slap it away. After a few minutes he got up and got dresses he didint look drunk no more but he still looked pleased making out with me. I got up and took a shower. After the shower I got my clothes and got dressed. I didn't want to look all that, I just got raped by my brother and it doesn't feel like the game we were playing earlier. I wore these clothes.

After I went downstairs letting me find Bella with no shirt on and Louis on top of her. She is liking it. Then I feel hands on my waist, so I turn around it was zayn I felt comftarable with him. I don't care if he raped me. Then i tell him what Louis did to me and he said oh he is going to pay. Then I said yeah good luck trying to get him of of Bella he is slobbering all over her, Louis said hey I heard that I said I don't care then he said I'm done with this and takes my hand letting me go of zayn'a hand and he letting Bella with no shirt there. He said whAt are you doing holding his hand I said we'll I can you are not my real brother. With that I grab zayn's hand and go upstairs and take him to my room and lock the door and sit on the edge of my bed. This is Ashely's bedroom.

Bella's bedroom.


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