Cheapskate Cosplay Journal

This is the "journal" of progress as I make my Assassin's Creed cosplay, made almost solely of things lying around my house.
Moving the progress here from my mumbles, so keep your eyes peeled for something new.
********No idea what category this belongs in XD


9. Cheapskate Cosplay - Part 9

The Throwing Knives.

These were difficult to do. The main problem was getting the blades the right shape, and after that it became difficult to hold them in place.

So I tightened their "holsters" and placed a thin bit of cardboard so they didn't slip back too far.

They can still be removed though, so once they look more realistic (silver paint) people may get nervous.

Cue evil laugh.

At this point I was practically forced to stop, as I had no paint, and had run out of things to make.

Cue frustrated laugh.

The next instalment will be of me wearing the costume again, this time with the new stuff.

I will be asking Lucifer's Kiss to take these pictures for me.

Hopefully I will have the weapons painted and have some footwear - the costume will probably be finished at this stage, too.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter and pictures.

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