Cheapskate Cosplay Journal

This is the "journal" of progress as I make my Assassin's Creed cosplay, made almost solely of things lying around my house.
Moving the progress here from my mumbles, so keep your eyes peeled for something new.
********No idea what category this belongs in XD


8. Cheapskate Cosplay - Part 8

This is the Short Blade and its Scabbard. They may not be overly visible, as the picture was taken with them on the floor, but it is worth noting that the blade does fit.

The hilt is made of three layers of cardboard - the scabbard has two pieces in the shape of it, and two layers of thin cardboard along the interior edge to allow the blade inside.

Note the large block near the end. The belt passes through that - it took a lot of trial and error.

This blade will be on my back, and will be painted completely silver, and then have "markings" put on with black pen.

After completing this part, I moved on to the throwing knives.

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