More Than This

A short tale about two young people finding the courage to get back together after a harsh break-up and a hard year. Can Brad convince Ash to give him a second chance? Is Ash willing to risk letting Brad shatter her heart again?
(This story was written for a competition and won! Competition made by Selinah <3)


4. Brad - Daydreaming at Night

     ''Brad? What in god's name are you doing here? Go away before my parents come home and see you or we'll be in big trouble!'' Ash whisper-yells at me. She sounds annoyed, but I don't know if she is annoyed because her parents might catch us or if she's annoyed because she didn't like my letter and now I showed up at her bedroom window like a love-struck little Romeo look-alike stalker. What? I know how I look, I have a mirror.

     ''Ash, I don't know if you have read my letter yet, but I have realized that a note isn't the best way to say this. So let's just call a truce for tonight and let me explain in person....'' I trail off because she has a far away look in her eyes as she stares at something, and she is obviously not listening. Why did I even bother? She doesn't even care enough for me anymore to pay attention. I just stand there and wait for her to realize that I have stopped talking, but so far no such luck. I use that time to check her out because clearly eye-stalking her in school this past year was not enough. Lashes framing wide, bright blue eyes and her soft brown hair in perfect light curls over her shoulder. How can she look so perfect all the time? I drift my eyes down to her cute nose and high cheek bones, to her soft, kissable lips and delicate, arching neck. I almost bark out a laugh when I see her elephant bathrobe, though childish, still made of silk and sexy as ever. Again, I have no idea how she does that. Her hands are curled around the window frame and the top half of her body is leaning out. As if unconciously pulled towards something, god, I sure hope it's me. With the moonlight reflecting in her eyes, there is no moment more perfect than this. Recalling my earlier thoughts, I muse about how this could easily be a painting of Juliet leaning out to her Romeo. My fantasy comes to an end when she speaks.

     ''I read your letter.'' Shit. Did she like it? Does she hate it? Did she rip it to shreds then had wild, animal sex on it? With a start, I realize that I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. ''I'm happy you came to tell me in person though,'' she continues and I release a breath I didn't know I have been holding. Her words don't tell me what she thought, but at least she hasn't gone bat-shit crazy on me yet so I think I'm safe for now. She doesn't hate me enough to murder me. Phew....not. I quickly muster up some of the mental confidence I radiate physically and take a step towards her.

     ''Let's start over, Ash. I know we can do it. I love you and if you still love me, we can make it, I swear.'' I look up to her hopefully, and I try not to let my smile falter when she doesn't respond.

     ''I...Brad. Brad? What are you doing?''  

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