Zayn here! This is just a place to let my inner thoughts free.
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2. July 10


                  This is so weird. I been having a need to write.... Like on my first entry it felt good to let my emotions out, but now i feel lik I have one more to let out ( for today atleast). Well if you guys have seen my latest mumbles you'll see that my beautiful girl and I have chosen to take our seperate ways. I'm fine with it, I mean if she's happier with another guy than thats fine. Of course I love and miss her, but sometimes you need to let go. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much you love. All the memories we shared will always be remebered. All the kisses will always be cherised. All the hugs will still be felt.

                                                                      Our love will never die

I remember the time when we met up after the "Up All Night Tour". We headed to buy some snacks. Taking little pictures of random foods. We bumped into a few fans along the way. I remember how nice she was to them. Even if some of them said harsh words to her, she would just smile and carry on. One fan came up to us telling me I should propose already. She blushed like a mad man. As I let out a chuckle. I bent down to her height and whispered " Im planning on it'' to the fan. Perrie's smile go bigger as the fan just smiled. Aftr meetingb the fans we went back to our flat and cuddled as we shared stories, watched movies, laughed, and ate random snacks.

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