forever and a day

*sequel to back for you*
A lot has happened in the past years. its now Charlie horans 18th birthday and lily and niall are pulling out all the stops to make it the best day ever. there are new people in the one direction family even though it meant leaving some of those they loved behind

8 years on from back for you x


1. back


well guys heres the sequel! its set 8 years after the end of back for you making the year 2026. one direction have ended but are still together... hope you enjoy. new characters welcome all the time :)


nialls p.o.v


its so hard to believe that our daughters 18. 10 years since we adopted her. its amazing t think how much our lives have changed in such a short amount of time. charlies 18 and lexi's 16. keela and james are 9 and scott and matthew are almost 8. im only 32 and I have all these amazing kids. lilys 26! charlie has grown up so much in the last few years its unbelievable. times have been hard but we've adjusted. not long after lilys sister arrived we stopped one direction. did one more album and a tour.we said goodbye to the fans and ended. but we didn't split, not really. we see eachother all the time. things are going well for our family though. Charlie and lexi made a few more Disney movies in L.A whilst lily did a few more albums. we did a few tours as a whole family and that was it. about 2 years ago we decided to settle down though. we moved back to London and became a proper family. the boys don't live far away. I think zayn lives the furthest an its a 20 minute drive. we didn't plan for that, it just happened. Charlie and lexi enrolled at the local secondry school whilst keela, james, scott and matthew went to the local primary school. some of the girls charlies age were fans of us so its quite weird. a lot of the mums were aswell. its great to be a settled down family. both Charlie and lexi have boyfriends now and charlies going to college soon.

zayn and perrie split. we were al really upset to see the end of it. it killed zayn that perrie got custody of both of his kids. perrie moved to America so zayn only sees sam and tyler on their school holidays. him and Emily got together though. there's 8 years between them but they didn't care. they love eachother just like me and lily. zayn and Emily had 2 kids between them and that's their lot. zayn thinks 4 is the limit and although Emily only has 2 shes ok with it.  zayns first born daughter, who is now 4, is called Annabelle rose malik. then he has another son called Jacob Michael malik. they named him Jacob after Emily and lilys real father. although neither lily or Emily liked him they were both upset when he died 3 years ago. Jacobs now 2

harry and bonnie have 2 girls now. darcy whos 8 and Jamie whos 7. both girls go to the same school as my kids and keelas really close with them. although Charlie and lexi are older then her they both look after keela and treat her special. but sometimes they will want to do their own thing and keela will be left out. harrys now a music producer and bonnies a stay at home mum, but she helps out at the school when shes needed. they managed to catch taylor in the end. thank god.

liam and dani are still going strong. antonys 8 now and they have a little girl Olivia. Olivia is 5 now. they live about 5 minutes away from us and go to the same school. they haven't had any problems since they got back together almost 10 years ago.

Louis and el now have 4 kids. lily and harry are almost 9 and then they have macie (may-see)  whos 7 and aiden whos 5. Louis and el probably liv the nearest to us seeing as by total coincidence they live next door. we both brought the houses at the same time but didn't know until we moved in. keela and lily are probably the closest as they are closest in age. because of the way the schooling system works they are both in the same year and also both in the same class. Louis a football coach and eleanors still a model but she only works in London now.

harrys twin dahlia is now married to ed sheeran with 2 kids, Imogen and Samantha. they live in the usa. we see them every so often.

I see my cousin Emily a lot. she lives near us. her and her husband who just so happens to be olly murs.


that's about it that has changed in our lives in the past 8 years. everything has just grown up. but we're still ourselves in most ways. im still obsessed with food. Louis still cheeky and loves to have a laugh. liam is still daddy direction. the responsible one but still likes to have a laugh. zayn is still the mysterious yet funny guy we all loved. and harry, well harrys still a flirt but he only flirts with bonnie now. its quite funny watching him. we've all just grown up, that's all.

"hey handsome" I heard lily say as I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I turned round to face her

"hey beautiful" I replied before locking my lips onto hers. I twiddled her hair with my fingers. she had died it back to the light brown colour I naturally was and it suite her extremely well. I loved it on her. I loved every little thing about her, a cheesy as it seems

"I cant believe shes really 18 today" she said

"I know, shes always going to be our baby" I said. even though she was never our baby she always will be. it might not make sense but it does to me and lily.

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