forever and a day

*sequel to back for you*
A lot has happened in the past years. its now Charlie horans 18th birthday and lily and niall are pulling out all the stops to make it the best day ever. there are new people in the one direction family even though it meant leaving some of those they loved behind

8 years on from back for you x


2. 18 today

charlies birthday


"happy birthday princess" my dad said giving me a massive hug

"thanks daddy" I replied and hugged him back.

"your presents outside" he said and took my hand. he lead me outside and I saw the most beautiful car I had ever seen.

"oh my god, its amazing daddy" I said giving him a massive hug

"when you go to university you'll be able to drive back as often as you like." he said. I was scared of going to university. I haven't been away from my mum and dad since I was 10. that was when my real mum took me back. I still have nightmares of that sometimes. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I turned around and saw tom there. me and tom have been together for just under 2 years now. we used to see eachother briefly before but only when I was visiting my uncles, but most of the time I was either making movies with lexi in L.A or on tour with mum. there was a few times during my mums tours that me and lexi would stay with one of our uncles but most of the time we would go with them. we we wanted to stay together as a family. luckily me and tom are going to the sme university or it would be really hard not seeing eachother that much.

"Hey handsome" I said and he smiled. His head appeared besides mine and he gave me a kiss.


My 18th was great. I didn't get drunk, I wanted to remember this birthday. On my mums 18th birthday me and lex were shooting our first movie. She couldn't celebrate. We all settled down in the movie room as a family. It might seem like we're rich brats, but the truth is. There's not enough room in the living room for all of us. My mum and dad sat next to eachother. My mum was pregnant again. I mean, you'd think it would be a handful, but im going to university in 2 weeks and in a few years Lexi will be aswell. I sat next to Tom. Lexi was sat next to her boyfriend Jack. Scott, Matty and James all sat next to eachother. Keela looked quite left out. I went over to her

"Hey kee, wanna come sit next to me?" I asked and she nodded. She was starting to get tired. She fell asleep leaning on me as we watched the movie. Mum and dad chose it. It was 'My Life' it was mums movie. Dad and his band had a movie called 'This is us'. Mum's was a little different though. Her movie was all about us. They started filming it when I was 12. This was around the time when me and Lex were on our second movie. The movie was only released last year. I mean it only got announced when I was 16. Tom and Jack kept laughing at all the bits of me and Lex when we were younger. There was loads of all us kids growing up. There were cute bits as well. The phone calls when me and lex were at an uncles and mum and dad were on tour with the others. There were many times I broke down in tears. It's funny to think my auntie Emily is now with Uncle Zayn. He misses Sam and Tyler a lot. By the end of the film every but me and tom were asleep. We smiled at eachother and started to put them all to bed. I placed Keela in her bed, then Matty, James and Scotty. Tom put my mum, dad, jack and lex to bed. We smiled then went back to the movie room. This time he chose a film. I smiled when I saw what it was. The first film I was ever in. He laughed at my little 10 year old self. The clock struck midnight. Tom turned to me with a smile on his face.

"Charlie, I know this seems soon. But it doesn't have to be now. We can do it whenever but I want to ask you now. Charlotte Horan, will you marry me?" He asked. I smiled

"Yes Tom, of course I will" I replied with a smile.

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