One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences *Closed*

1D and 5SOS imagines! Comment if you want one done! No dirty please! I need your name, the guy you want and what you want to happen!


11. 1D Preference 4: Fight

Harry- Your POV

I walked inside to hear a girl giggling.

"Harry?" I yelled.

"(y/n), let me explain!" he started.

"No Harry! We're through!" I screamed, and ran out the door.
The girl walked out crying a few minutes after.

"(Y/N), please let me explain!" Harry said, running toward me.

"Harry..." I said

"She didn't mean anything to me! You are the only one I care about!" he said.

"How am I supposed to believe you?"

"Trust me!" Harry said, smashing his lips onto mine.

"I will give you one more chance..." I aid, and kissed him again.

Niall- Niall and the boys came home from tour a few days ago, and he keeps on wanting to go out with the guys.

"(y/n), I'm going out with the guys tonight..." Niall said.

"Niall, why won't you stay home and we can watch movies or something?" you said.

Niall completely ignored you and walked out the door.

"Niall! When you get back, don't think you are going to see me!" you screamed.

Once Niall got back, your house was empty.

"(y/n)?" Niall said.

He walked into your bedroom and found a note you left him.


I'm sorry to leave so sudden but things aren't working between us...



For the next two weeks, you stayed with your sister.

One day, you heard a knock on the door.

"Niall?" you asked, opening the door.

"(y/n)! It's so good to hear your voice again!" he siad, hugging you, "I'm sorry for ignoring you..."

"Nialler...I forgive you...but why DID you ingore me?"

"Um...we were planning your birthday party..." Niall said.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you..." you said, smashing your lips against his.

A/N- I don't know what to do for they other guys! Sorry!


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