Journey Through the Abyss

This is a story I started in year 10 as a piece of my original writing coursework, I never managed to finish it as I went into hospital for a prolonged period of time - since then I have had extreme writers block, and haven't had the nerve to continue writing. I think I'm ready now, and I'm ready to receive feedback on my work. If you could give me constructive criticism, that would be perfect - read it, comment on it, share it, help me fulfill my dreams and ambitions.


3. Chapter 3.

Lilith ran into the inn, her hair windswept from running. Her breaths leaving a small mist in the air, it was cold. Unnaturally cold. She looked around, finding her companions with their weapons drawn, eyes fixed on a man in front of them. She looked around in panic, seeing everyone’s eyes transfixed on the battle that was about to commence. She spoke the words that broke the silence, bringing all eyes to herself. “Stop this foolishness right now” her eyes were for one person, and that person only. The Masked One. Her eyes clouded over with pity as she said “Kerrin, what has become of you?” She then swore in a language long-dead to humans as a bolt of magic scorched the area in which she had been standing. Ratch had pushed her out of the way, taking the hit himself, leaving a massive burn mark, going all the way across his stomach. He landed with a thud, the air rushing out from his chest. Lilith struck back with an almighty blow of fire, and then a huge gust of wind, sending the one named Kerrin and his followers flying out of the inn. “quickly!” she snapped, “they will be back in here any moment!” She touched both Ratch and Bakkans arms, with one of her hands, along with an amulet at her throat, as she said “Perrin” with her eyes closed, She began to murmur a spell, and taking her hands off of them all, she began to weave her hands in the strange patterns known only to those who study the arts of the Magi.


Perrin looked across the clearing, with a small wooden dagger in his hands; he had made it as soon as he had woken up after noticing he was bandaged. Perrin had no recollection of how he had come to be in this area, or how he had become as wounded as he was. He attempted to stand, feeling the dizziness begin to affect him, he stumbled over his own feet, falling onto his hands and knees. He blacked out again.


Lilith looked around, seeing Ratch and Bakkan looking around, she was sympathetic for  them. Her first magical experience hadn’t been very nice for her either. They were both on their knee’s emptying their stomachs. But they were not her priority at the moment, Perrin was. Lying stone cold on the floor, he was as white as his tunic should have been, had it not been stained in blood. She fell to her knees, feeling for his pulse. Relief flowed through her as she felt his familiar pulse beneath her skin. Her eyes closed “awaken, Wielder of Dragons” she whispered. Watching him begin to stir, she shouted “Ratch! Heat the kettle, I’m going to need some hot water. Bakkan, get a second fire going, and then secure a camp.” They both did as she said, quickly and with the precision of people who had done this many a time before. She was ripping more white cloth from her dress, to use as a bandage for his wound. “Ratch, bring the water over here, I’ll heat it myself” she shouted to him, knowing she was going to lose him soon, because he would black out again – if she didn’t do something fast.


“Well, if what you say is true, then I need to begin training again” Perrin said with a grunt as he tried to rise.

“Stop it right now! You are too weak to rise yet, now rest and regain your strength, and we can begin to train you again.” Lilith snapped, putting the pot of water back over the fire to make more tea. She knew he had been unable to rise for weeks, she had to feed him with a spoon, and even then it was little and irregular. Only when he thought himself strong enough to swallow. He had only just regained his speech, he couldn’t possibly have the required strength to travel the distance to the warriors guild. Lilith had decided that as there are many more warriors out there wanting to kill him, he would have to learn how to battle again, first of all – and any attacks that came to him magically,  she would protect him and the rest of their party.


That night, Perrin dreamed a strange dream, it was of  himself -in a wood, so strange was the wood that he knew not where it could possibly be. He was surrounded by animals that he did not know, animals that were impossible to be, animals that were told about in stories around fires. The moonlight was reflecting off the ice, glistening on the trees. The lake was shattering the light into a million rays, reflecting off one another, it was astonishing. He wiped a tear in the corner of his eye in the memory of his wife – how she would love such pure and utter beauty. Deciding to explore further, he walked in the direction of the second moon, bathing in its light and beauty. Suddenly, hearing a cry behind him he turned – toward the lake, the cry came again. Moving slightly, he heard a hoarse voice from the shadows. “Do not move from where you are stood, for the woman who is being punished. She deserves what she is being dealt, she deserves what is happening to her. Do you know what she has done?” it whispers, the words sliding across his body, sending shivers down his spine – seeming cold, and dark somehow. “No. Tell me” he demands, trying not to let the fear show in his voice. “That woman? She is the reason for the child brothels in Vitiligo. She is the maker of brothels, where the children have no choice but to perform for old men, rough, hardened soldiers and drunkards. The pain of the children is of no means to her. She deserves to die.”
Perrin’s mind was being torn apart – knowing the woman deserved to die, but fighting his own moral conscience. Before he would have believed she will be delivered into the Gods’ own justice when they saw fit – but he was now unbelieving of the Gods’ justice. He turned his back, listening to her cries of help, knowing she was close, and that he could help her. He ignored her screams and walked away, wondering whose voice had been whispering to him.


Sleep was evading him. Tossing and turning in his own sweat, his head felt like it would explode. Grief was hitting him. He felt a pain in his chest that nothing could cure. Emotions flitting in and out of his mind, memories filling his head, tears brimming in his eyes. Grief and anger is all he had left, his head was screaming with pain. His heart was trying to mend, but something was stopping it – anger, thoughts of revenge – this was all that kept him going. He didn't know how to stop it. destructive thoughts clouded his mind, reason escaping him - fear filling him. Thoughts of his childhood when he was younger fluttered in and out – broken memories, memories of a burning agony. The memories flashed into his mind and then left, burning the image into his mind. Burning. Fire. Branding. His mind struggled to cope with the implications, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he lost consciousness of the world around him. 


Awaking to the smell of cooking meat, making his mouth water, drool forming on the edge of his lips. Perrin wiped the sleep from his eyes, sitting up – checking the surroundings. Stretching, he walks toward the fire, taking a seat next to Lilith. “What’s cooking?” he asks, bluntly.
“Bacon, with some herbs and seasonings” she replies . He stands again - with a grunt, “I’m taking a piss” he shouts as he walks further into the woods. While walking, he notices some strange patterns on the ground, the same as from his dream. “must have been where it came from” he muttered under his breath as he finishes pissing and walks back to the camp, ready for the day of traveling ahead of him.


Arriving at ‘The Kings Crown’ tavern aching and worn, Lilith and Perrin sat down, leaving Ratch and Bakkan to haggle with the innkeeper for beds. Perrin indicates to the bar wench to bring ale and food. Setting his sword to the side, noticing the stares he got from the local villagers. He hid it slightly with his cloak, muttering to Lilith under his breath “You’d have thought they had never seen a sword before”. As two ales were placed down on the table, he looked at the wench with a grin – pinching her bum playfully as his other hand puts a coin in her palm. 

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