Teens with the 'swag'

little bit yellow as it swears a little bit. Don't read if you get offended at that kind of thing

All about the crews


1. The Crew

This is the story of two boys that I knew (thankfully we don't see each other any more) they went to my school but left about two years ago. Their names were Ryan Mason and Jackson Parks (Razza and Jacko for short)


Two boys both dressed in Nike tracksuits were walking down a road, one slightly in front of the other. Their tracksuit bottoms had been pulled down to show their Primark labelled boxers (Too Hip)

"Oi Razza! You coming down the bridge with the crew?" Jacko asked shouting to the guy in front of him. The Crew were a gang of five 16-17 year olds, they hung around street corners or on kiddie play area's (the type of people that could intimidate an entire country.)

"Nah mate, can't my mums making me look at college!  It's a right laugh. Anyway, I were meant to be going with Tessa and Leesha. Although I reckon they're gonna bail. Tessa got that big audition for that job or somefink and Leesha with her new guy, he's a right dick head. Not got no one to go with so I might ask Buscka "  Tessa and Leesha were the only girls in the crew, they were the type of girls who wore big gold hoop earing and trackie sweats just like the guys. Buscka however wasn't really part of the Crew he just hung around with Razza and Jacko when they were at school; which wasn't very often.


"Man what! You're crampin' my style just by talking to me! Friggin college what are you a swot of somefink?" Jacko said waving his hand as a sort of negative gesture.

"Jack it aint my fault, I told you it's ma mum! Why you goin'  bridge any way?"

"Sims nicked some jump ropes from his dad . We was gonna tie 'em to the top of the bridge and abseil down. It's gonna be well funny!" Sims was another guy from their 'crew.' (His real name was Simon but that name wasn't 'cool' enough for Jacko.)

"What's the point you could get hurt?" Razza shaking shaking his head slightly

"Are you dizzy or somefink. It's Yolo Man, come on man its gonna be a laugh" Jacko said smiling.

"I told you I cant" Razza said, just as Jacko's phone started to ring, he answered it.

"Yeah? Y'alright Buscka! Yeah man how ya doin? Me too mate. So what you doing tonight? Nah nah you aint no more. Come out with me and the rest of the crew. We goin' abseiling down bridge aint we. Is that a yes? Wicked man a'ight see you later!" He put his phone down and then looked back at Razza.

"There you go mate. You're free. Now you can come bridge with me and the crew. It will be a right laugh. Nowts gonna go wrong Raz. Promise"

"Whatevah. I'm out" Razza said shrugging his shoulders

"You been so frigid lately. What's goin' on" Jacko said his temper rising

"Nufink. Leave it yeah? I'm not coming!"

"You don't even have to join in. Come on Raz stop being gay!"

"Yeah course I am aren't I. Shut up Jack I can't be arsed anymore. I'm not following you around playing lick arse. Buscka and Sims are right crack heads for hanging about with you lot! Tessa and Leesha only do it 'cos they feel bad for you. You pathetic mate!" Razza started towards Jacko getting very close in his face. (within kissing distance...)

"Who you calling pathetic?!" Jacko said shoving him away

"You. You act like we'd kill to be your friend when really no one does."

"I never asked you to be a mate. You just appeared after your dad left you and came here!"

"Yeah but you know what Jack your dad aint such a nice guy either"

"Don't you bring my dad into this he aint done nothing!"

"You sure about that. Your dad and my mum been going on for a while. Didn't want you to know did he. didn't want to upset his precious little Jacky boy" Jacko ran forward and punched Razza in the jaw but Razza barely flinched as Jacko, seeing this pounced on Razza and began tearing him apart. The boys went at each other like seagulls until two older blokes intervened and pulled them off each other.

"Come on guys, what's going on?" It was Buscka and Sims

"That bent twat just tried to rape me!" Jacko said pointed straight into Razza's already bruising face

"Dude are you actually a cabbage! You frigging leapt on me!"

"yeah cos you accused my dad of Cheating on my mum"

"Because he has been! You're messed up Jacko like your whole family!"

"Don't you say that about my family!"

"Cuckoo" Razza said imitating a cuckoo bird. Jacko tried to escape Buscka's restraints to pounce on Razza yet again who was watching his pain with delight.

"You just wait Razza, you better watch your back from now on"

"You better keep an eye out on them hooker corners. Your dad might be paying a visit soon"  Razza got close up in Jacko's face, got down at eye level then whispered in his ear.

"Your threats are nothing to me. You're all piss and wind you are" He said with a smirk before skulking off down the road. Buscka and Sims let go of Jacko and the three went chaving off in the opposite direction.

But hopefully guys, these chav people who intimidate you as you go and stand at the bus stop waiting to catch your 201 to Hyde will be extinct soon and will wash up in the rejects box with busted, the cast of lizzie McGuire and your old Tamagotchi so don't fret, it will all be over soon.

fingers crossed


But even though I say Razza and Jacko are (*insert your own insult here*) Their stories are deeper than: A meet in the street; 5 f on their GCSE cards and their parents getting drunk and injecting drugs into their arms. Which is why I'm going to tell you the story of most chavs, their back ground stories and their inner thoughts so that you don't have to come into contact with them yourselves.

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