Nightmares do turn to dreams

It happens in movies. you fall in love with the boy next door. The one with the gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and most amazing body. But that's a movie. Its not real. I know that for a fact. I vow that I will never fall in love with the boy next door. Even if he happens to be a member of One Direction.


7. whos the kid?

Louis p.o.v


"whos the kid" I asked. straight to the point I know but come on. 2 days ago I humiliated myself and niall infront of loads of people for her. I kissed her and developed amazingly strong feelings for her. now she has a little kid running up to her calling her mummy.

"umm that's harper" she replied looking a little worried

"I mean whos is she?" I asked again getting a little annoyed now. I wanted an answer

"she's nixies 2 year old daughter" she replied before running after nixie into the house. I stared looking in shock at niall. so it was true. no denying it. nixie had a kid. I think shes only about 18 though. that's quite young.

"I need to speak to nixie" I said to niall and he nodded his head. clearly he understood. I ran up to their door and knocked. Emily answered. Before she could say anything I ran into the house. I found nixie sitting in the living room with her daughter.

"can I speak to you?" I asked and she nodded.

"Harper be a good girl and play with auntie Emily" she said and the little girl nodded

"okay mummy" she said and nixie walked out the room clearly meaning I should follow her.

"I can't be with you Louis, I have way too much baggage" She said straight away.

"I don't care about Harper. I love kids. She'll be an extra part of the package i'll love. Please Nixie. I barely know you but I long for you with all my heart. I feel like you're a part of me and I cant live without you" I said

"That's cheesy" She replied

"No its not, this is cheesy. Are you Irish because my penis is Dublin" She laughed a little.

"I don't know Louis. I mean what about Harper?" She asked

"This isn't meant to sound ego-ish but come on Nixie im a massive popstar, think of the life I can give her. And you for that matter"

"That sounded pretty ego-ish" She said sarcastically but she was smiling so she was only joking

"Please think about it" I almost pleaded. She rolled her eyes

"Fine, I'll think about it. But it's not a definite yes" she said. She couldn't help but smile a little

" But it's not a definite no" I said cheerfully before giving her a massive hug. Our faces got closer and closer. Soon our bodies were connected. She reached for my top.

"Harpers in the next room" I said

"Emily, i'm going out. Can you watch Harper and i'll be back in an hour. 2 at the most" she yelled

"Use protection" Emily yelled back. Okay so she knew what we were thinking. Me and Nixie ran over to my house and straight to my room.


We lay exhausted on the bed

"SHIT!" I yelled holding up a broken condom.

"Damn it Louis. I cant abort a kid! What if I am. What them. I cant be a single mother to two kids!" she exclaimed

"Then don't be a single mother" I said and she grinned sassily

"Are you asking me what I think you're asking" She asked sassily

"I am indeed" I replied, even sassier

"Well before it was a no but Tommo, you just changed my mind" She said and I grinned

"Thought you might say that" She slapped me lightly on the head before getting up and pulling some clothes on. She ran out the door and back to her house. All 4 boys stared at me

"so....." Harry said. I smiled

"And Tommo scores" I yelled and she all laughed.

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