Nightmares do turn to dreams

It happens in movies. you fall in love with the boy next door. The one with the gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and most amazing body. But that's a movie. Its not real. I know that for a fact. I vow that I will never fall in love with the boy next door. Even if he happens to be a member of One Direction.


6. who is she?

Emily's P.O.V


2 days ago, we were humiliated in front of millions of camera's by the boys we "hated" The most, I loved Niall, why? i have no clue as to why, i just do! Nixie's 3 year old daughter would be coming home today, Nixie was left with her when she had just turned 16 due to her boyfriend not wanting the child! He ditched her for a slag that was so ugly even the ugliest person felt pretty! Nixie was distraught, hated every boy she came across and was left with a child! I was there for her all the way but that wasn't enough...She was called Harper had curly brown hair and cute blue eyes!

She also loved One direction which Nixie wasn't very happy about but it was her daughter therefore she had to be nice about them. As Harper doesn't think she has a dad she likes to say that Louis was her daddy, i found it adorable! 

"Emily i'm going to wait out side for Harper she will be here in 5 minutes!" Nixie said dressed in yoga pants and a hoddie. 

"That's fine i will be down in a few just gunna get dressed i need to go round and talk to Niall about something!" I called obviously talking to myself as i heard the door close. I got up and ran to my wardrobe pulling out my shorts and my favorite top (outfit is in comments) I did my hair quick and ran downstairs to the front door putting my shoes on and shutting the door behind me. Just as i walked out i saw a car pull up and a little girl race up to Nixie shouting Mommy

"MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!" she shouted giggling as Nixie bent down to catch her in her arms

"Hello gorgeous!" She said letting Harper hug her tight and kiss her cheek. 

"Mommy?" I heard a voice say, we all looked up and Louis and Niall were stood in there front porch just boxers on looking at us in shock. 

"Hello aunty Emily!" Harper said and smiled at me giving me a hug

"Hello Harper, you okay?" i said hugging her back and she nodded laughing as she ran inside. Nixie ran in and left me to do the talking. Great this should be fun! Lets just explain that Nixie had a child shall we...hmmm..wish me luck!


(Sorry so short but i needed to update next chapter will be longer!!!!)

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