Nightmares do turn to dreams

It happens in movies. you fall in love with the boy next door. The one with the gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and most amazing body. But that's a movie. Its not real. I know that for a fact. I vow that I will never fall in love with the boy next door. Even if he happens to be a member of One Direction.


1. neighbours

emilys p.o.v


I sat there looking out the window, staring at the new neighbours. I couldn't quite tell who they were but the one I was seeing was mega fit. he had muscles like those I had never seen before. perfection.

"em stop staring at the new neighbours, we'll go say hello if you really want to" my flatmate and also best mate nixie said. we've known eachother since we were young, really young. when we moved away from home at the age of 18 we decided to live together in London. we've been living together for 2 years now and its been amazing. I went into the kitchen where she was. she was standing by the oven, probably cooking dinner and the radio was on. 'when I was your man' by Bruno mars was just ending. I absolutely love the song. I stood there whilst nixie put something in the oven.

"come on. if we dot go soon the sun will go in and they will put their shirts on" I moaned. I do have a bit of a thing for boys with 6 packs.

"fine" she replied and went to get her shoes on. we left the house and went next door. this was going to be great. new neighbours means new opportunities to find myself a man. I tapped the boy on the shoulder and he turned around. I immediately recognised him. NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTIONIS LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ME! this might sound like im fangirling but im not. I hate one direction. hate with a capital H,A,T,E! its one of the many things me and nixie have in common. its not that they cant sing, we know they can. we don't call them stupid things like gay, we know they're not. its just the annoying fan girls and the annoying egos that come  with fame

"hi im Emily, im your neighbour" I said and nialll smiled

"im niall, me and the boys just moved here. we don't really know anybody in the area yet so would you and your frend maybe like to come round to tea" he asked. I looked at nixie and she looked at me. we knew what eachother was thinking. we might hate them but we cant really decline a member of the worlds biggest boyband.

"yeah sure" I replied "what time?"

"maybe 8 " he said before walking inside. oh great I thought to myself as we walked back to our house. tea with one direction. most hormonal teenage girls wold pay a million pounds for this but to me its a punishment. tonight is going to be fun



hey guys. hope you like it. :) x

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