The new life

Daisy Turner is a 17 year old girl who loves to sing. She's a Directioner and her bestfriend is a Belieber. One day Daisy decides to audition for X-factor to see if her talent is good enough. Will she get the four yes? Will she meet her idols? Read to find out!


14. In love.

Louis' P.O.V

I slammed the door shut and locked it afterwards, I could tell that Harry was angry, yet scared. He knows that I'm stronger than him, and more powerful.

"You can't force her to make out with you Harry." I started as he sighed.

"I can do whatever the fuck I want to." He said as I rolled my eyes.

"She's with Niall, and she told me you got what you wanted, then why are you still going?" I asked as I rubbed his neck awkwardly.

"I... I  had her first man.." He mumbled as I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

"You had her first?" I questioned as he nodded.

"Usually, girls want me after I give them an experience." He whispered as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"You're telling me, that you're in love with her?" I cocked an eyebrow at him as he nodded shyly.

"Harry, listen to yourself, you haven't been in love since you were sixteen, why would you suddenly fall for her?" I asked as he shrugged in response.

"She's different." He whispered as I let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Just because you fucked her and she didn't fall for you after that, makes her different?" I chuckled as he sat down on the bed.

"Is it so hard for you to believe that I'm finally in love?" He raised his voice as he looked up at me.

I crossed my arms before saying, "Harry, you're my best pal, but the way you treat girls ain't right. If you're in love with Daisy, tell her." 

He nodded in understandment as he stood up, "I'll tell her.." He sighed as I patted him on his shoulder.

"And don't expect her to like you back alright?" I told him as he nodded.

"Bring her in here." He spoke as I nodded.

"But don't force her to do anything alright?" I asked as he nodded.

I walked out of the bedroom and saw her on the couch cuddling with Niall, I looked back over at Harry who had already seen it. He just looked down and closed the door.

"Daisy." I called as she looked up at me.

"Harry has something to say to you." I told her as she swallowed.

She stood up and walked slowly past me and over to the bedroom. She reached for the doorknob and twisted as she walked inside.

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