The new life

Daisy Turner is a 17 year old girl who loves to sing. She's a Directioner and her bestfriend is a Belieber. One day Daisy decides to audition for X-factor to see if her talent is good enough. Will she get the four yes? Will she meet her idols? Read to find out!


11. Concert.

Daisy's P.O.V

I woke up in the in the morning by someone knocking on my door. I groaned as I stood up walking over to the door and opened it finding all the boys there.

"You ready?" They asked  as I furrowed my eyebrows at them.

"For what?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"We have to be in the tourbus in one hour before we're heading to the arena, you're going to warm up on our concerts remember?" Liam chuckled as my eyes widened.

"Oh! Right, I forgot." I shook my head and shut the door again right in their faces.

I put on new clothes and went to the bathroom to put on some makeup. Then I went back to my bedroom bringing up my phone to check twitter. Justin Bieber was now following me, so was Katy Perry and the girls from little mix. 

'@1Dupdate: Daisy and Niall cuddling at the cinema yesterday.' Was on my newsfeed. I clicked on the tweet and saw a picture of Niall and I when he had his arm around me.

I looked at the trends and 'Naisy' was trending, oh they ship me and Niall? Cool..

I put my phone back in my pocket and went downstairs. I ate some breakfast before following the boys outside. The tourbus was waiting for us. We stepped into the tourbus and sat down on a couch, Max sat on my lap as I sat between Niall and Zayn.

"Daisy, you'll be singing a couple of songs before you're introducing the boys." A man from the management spoke as I nodded.

"I can rap!" Max suddenly yelled as everyone laughed.

"Maybe he can entertain the crowd a little too." The man from the management chuckled.

"Guys, I don't know why I keep telling you this, because you never listen to me anyway, but perform according to the plan. Be focused and don't change the lyrics." The man spoke as the boys giggled.


"Two minutes before you're on stage Turner!" The security man shouted as I was shaking nervously backstage.

Someone handed me a mic and patted my back, "The stage is yours." He whispered as I went on stage.

The whole crowd went crazy, screaming and shouting, "What's up London!" I shouted into the mic as they screamed even louder.

"To be honest, I'm so nervous! I won't stop shaking, do you know why?" I said loud into the microphone as the crowd just screamed.

"Because I'm going to perform to this amazing crowd!" I shouted the last two words.

"The first song I'm going to perform is 'back at one by Brian Mcknight'!" I said as the song started.


I just finished performing my last song 'We can't stop by Miley Cyrus'.

"I'm finish performing guys!" I shouted into the microphone.

"But I have a little fella that want to rap a little." I said as the crowd screamed.

"My little brother, Max Turner!" I shouted as Max came running over to me.

I handed him the microphone, "Hey everybody!" He said with a cute little voice and the crowd went 'Awww'.

"I'm going to rap Hall of fame!" He shouted and the crowd screamed.

The music started and Max started to rap. I had to take the chorus because it's a singing part.


We got back in the tourbus after an amazing night. Some of the girls in the crowd had made signs just for me, which I didn't expect. As the bus was heading to another city, the boys were sleeping in their bedrooms inside the tourbus. Max slept with Niall and I decided to sleep at the couch. 

I took off my top about to lay down before someone grabbed my shoulder from behind and turning me around. Harry...

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