The Message

A short story about a girl dealing with the effects of world war two on her family. She tells the story of her brother's message to her.


2. Sewing

The letter was short but sweet, answering my questions about the fighter planes (he says he flies a Hawker Hurricane, but wants to try the Spitfire badly) and asking my about home (how’s the farm, father’s leg, etc.) When I looked up from the letter, nearly all the food had gone, but I barely noticed, because of my naturally small appetite meant I could get by. I am a bit too skinny though.

After a few mouthfuls of the stew Mother always boils to death, I rushed upstairs to carry on writing my letter, but Mother called my down before I had even sat down.

“Edith, there is a large hole in your stockings that is not going to darn itself,” She pointed to the living room where my limp stockings lay. I have to repair the stockings all the time, as they are hard to come by now the war's on. I wish I could do what my friends do when they want to look like they’re wearing them and just draw a pretend seam on my legs with make up.

Unfortunately, every time I suggest this to Mother, she simply shakes her head, saying it looks obviously fake and repeats “make do and mend!” that the government put on all the posters.

“Edith? Stop daydreaming please,”

“Yes Mother.” I tried not to sigh and found the thread, my thoughts of my bookcase upstairs where my favorite books lived.

“Why am I cursed to sew?” I mumbled out loud, causing my sister to laugh at me. (Why am I cursed with my sister?)


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