Twisted Love

Two best friends, Ethan and Rita live in Paris and have spent their whole life together since they were 4. They go to London, only to forget their past. Rita realized she needed someone else other than just her and Ethan in her life. Rita finds pop star, Niall, and Ethan feels like a third wheel in the situation. Ethan reveals a secret, and scares Rita off. The two friends split up with no contact between them. Will they ever find each other again?


2. (TIMELINE) *3 years before (16 years old)

This story is going to go by years, leading up to the present in Rita's story. So every couple of chapters (like 8 chapters) it will be another year closer to the present. Just wanted to get that out there so your not confused.


I hear my front door click open, I know that it is my mom. I quickly close the door and hide under the duvet. I pretend to be asleep.

"Oh, Rita!! I have a present for you!" my mom slurs. I'm not falling for that I kept quiet and I squeeze my eyes shut, praying she will go away. No such luck. She angrily stomps her way up the stairs, and proceeds to my room. This happens everyday.

Number One: Gets drunk.

Number Two: Comes home.

Number Three: Hurts me

Number Four: Passes out

Number Five: I write in my diary, and hope one day my dad will come and save me from this hell hole.

"Didn't I call your name!? Dumb bastard!! Get up!!" she screams. I sit up and swing my feet over the edge placing the duvet right beside my hip. "Next time answer me, bitch!" she says. She slaps me across my left cheek. Then right. I hold my hand against my cheeks that feel like their burning red hot fire, and look up at her. She give me an evil smirk and walks to the door but turns back around. "There was no present. And guess what? Your fat so you get no dinner tonight either." she winks, locks the door to my room, and stumbles to her room across the hall.

"I have get the fuck outta here" I whisper to myself. I pack one suitcase since I don't have that many things and ring my friend Ethan. No answer. He's moving to London so I can go with him and stay at his place.

I grab all the money I've saved up, and pick the lock on the door, and slowly open the door to see if the coast is clear. Yep, it is. Adrenaline rushing, this feels like a top secret mission. Kind of. I sprint down the stairs with my luggage. I look in the kitchen drawer and find three credit cards. I grab them and go to the living room and lift up the couch cushions. A thousand pounds....So this is where all my mom's 'whore' money goes.....I put all of the money into the pocket of the jeans i'm wearing and open the front door and step out into the cold night. I close the door, but I don't see Ethan here. So I run. I know where he would be...

The coffee shop.


Also not very long. But I'm getting very tired. I might update tomorrow, but I have company so it'll be short. Otherwise, Stay beautiful my lovelies!!

with love, Ren xoxo


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