Twisted Love

Two best friends, Ethan and Rita live in Paris and have spent their whole life together since they were 4. They go to London, only to forget their past. Rita realized she needed someone else other than just her and Ethan in her life. Rita finds pop star, Niall, and Ethan feels like a third wheel in the situation. Ethan reveals a secret, and scares Rita off. The two friends split up with no contact between them. Will they ever find each other again?


1. Rita

My name is Rita. I live in Paris and I am nineteen.

I had three brothers. My brothers died in a car crash 3 years ago, and I was the only out of them to survive, along with my mother and father.

My mom and dad got a divorce not long after and I was left with my mom. She got a new husband and he was abusive. He changed her. He left us and she turned out like him.

My mom began abusing me, beating me and that broke my heart she could do that to her own daughter. she yells at me, calling me names I would rather not say. She hits me with anything she can put her hands on because she's drunk all the time.

I ran away and moved to London and lived with my childhood friend, Ethan ever since. I have made huge mistakes, and have caused my closest friend to lose contact with me.

I moved out of Ethan's home, and currently live with my boyfriend named Niall, who happens to be a famous pop star. He has been the best boyfriend ever and I cant ask for more, he has been there for me, and I love him.

But what I can't explain is how I managed to lose the other half of me.

This is my story.


I know it's not much, but I'm about to add another chapter anyway! Hope this one doesn't turn out as bad as my other one! Hope you'll love it though! Like, comment, favorite!!! Don't let me down my lovelies!! (and again I said LOVELIES)

with love, Ren xoxo :D

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