Teen Diary.

How many people have the same experiences you have with your confusing Teen Life? When Advice isn't enough... We Learn from someone ELSES mistakes and experiences. This is a collection of different FICTIONAL people's diary entries.
Cover by Mirlotta


3. A poet to be and a poem per day

Dear Diary,

A poem to start with.


My fears are revealed

and only to myself

and that is the worst

for no one else knows that I dream to be poet

so know one knows I'm failing


And now for my feelings.


My dreams are crumbling.

I think I got over confident. I got a B- on the poem assigned in English. A B-! To think, not even a B! 

I guess I was so used to getting perfects in English that I just put so words on the page. My teacher says I didn't follow the directions. She says that my supposed haiku ended up as a three line free verse. 

 But I did read the instructions, they were just a little hard to understand, and I didn't realize that I had an extra syllable.I mean - anyone can make a mistake, right?

So I told her that I want to be a poet when I grow up, so I studied poems a lot, and since I was sick when she gave these out I didn't hear her tell the class to write it about a city, so I assumed it was a typo. I read once on some Wikepedia page that all Haiku's are on nature - and Wiki is always right, right?


I was going to get an A not an A plus but an A. Just for telling her of her typo, I got a B minus.



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