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Laura is your average girl, who got alot of friends, and perfect parents. When her dad got her tickets for one direction concert, everything seemed perfect to her. But when she gets a backstage tickets, and some of the boys are falling already for her, and her best friend Abby, will everything be alright? Triangular love?!
~read to figure out the most romantic story, that had been written by me ;)


1. Breaking up and the tickets

Laura POV:

 "Brandon, I am breaking up with you" I said, a bit loudly then ever. I just want everyone in this party to hear. "No, you aren't, get it?!" He was screaming, and I noticed his nerves building up. "Bye, and yes i am" I took my jacket, with the bag and closed the door shut behind me. 

 "Wow!" I mummred to myself. I hate him for everything, he used to do. He freaking lost my virginity. "Wait!" I look around, to see him, standing at the edge of the door. "What the fuck have you done?" I look at the my phone, 12 midnight. I sigh, as I looked at his dark eyes, that is full of nothing, but sex. "Look Brandon..." He interrupted my sentence with a harsh kiss. I tired to break free, but it is all useless. He is too strong for me. I kicked him in the crouch, as he bend with pain. This gotta be my chance to escape.

 I run on my heel, which was really damn hard, but I don't care I need to go away from him. "You slut!" I heard him growl, with steps right behind me. Tears streamed my face, as I fell at the street, I looked at my hurt ankle, it have been twisted. I look at him, waiting for him to do anything to me, tell he is done, all he did was kick me badly. "You wanna go?" He asked with a fake sweetness. I felt sick. "THEN FREAKING GO YOU BITCH!" He shout loudly, as he turned on his heels p, and went back to his sick party. I moan in pain, as tears running on my checks.


2 weeks later*

it been 2 weeks since then, and I couldn't keep my head away from it. It was a nightmare following me forever. You wonder what happened right? I just walk to home, and told my mom every thing. She gave me my medics, and she understood everything, that why I love her, she understand me.

my dad came in home, with a big grin. "Laura, sweety why don't you come here?" I put my pen down, next to my math notebook, as I. Gave my dad a bear hug. "Close your eyes, and let your palm open" I did what I have been told to do. I felt a gentle paper in my hands. As I opened my eyes, I didn't believe what I saw.

 Tickets?! I gave my dad a questioning look. He rolled his eyes, "read honey, read" my dad repeated it, atleast twice. When I read it, I read it again, then over again. No way. I looked at my dad with wide eyes. He grinned, as I jumped at the air! I am so happy, iam so happy. I kept on saying to myself. I hugged my dad, and mom, and thanked them trillion times. 

 I danced all the way to my room, and called my best friend, Abby. I waited for a while, till she picked it up." ABBY!" I shouted happily. I think she got a heart attack. "Yes?" "Back your bags, we are going to London to 1D concert!"

she gasps for air, and closed the phone directly. I laughed so hard, yeah she did got a heart attack. I opened my closet, and grab my pinky bag, that had black strips with a ribbon. I opened it, as I put almost all my bras and undies, then my favourite dresses, while some pyjamas. I got other casual clothes inside, and closed it firmly. 

i went downstairs to my dad, just to ask him when. I was all excited, and didn't bother asking him that time. "Dad?" I asked. He nod, as he placed the newspaper he was reading, next to him. "Yes dad's princess?" I giggle at my nickname. I love it. "Well when are we going, and os many days?" My dad's smile changed to a wide one," you are staying there all the summer, andmorrow you are traveling" I screamed, and hugged my dad so tight. "I need to breath, you know." I giggle. I thanked him all the day, wishing for nothing, but to see my friend. This is just amazing.

abby called me after an hour or so. We fangirled all the time, and the thought of seeing one direction made us scream. And the fact we are staying there together for the whole summer was so amazing! We just wished for nothing more, but just to wait tomorrow.

we hanged up, and I looked around my room. I got an idea! The earlier I sleep, the earlier o get there! I screamed again, and sat at my bed, with a big thud. I stepped myself, yeah I love to sleep naked, and strolled down at the warm blankets, and wishing my self a good night.



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