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Laura is your average girl, who got alot of friends, and perfect parents. When her dad got her tickets for one direction concert, everything seemed perfect to her. But when she gets a backstage tickets, and some of the boys are falling already for her, and her best friend Abby, will everything be alright? Triangular love?!
~read to figure out the most romantic story, that had been written by me ;)


8. Back from dreams


"Abby, what the fuck?" I screamed. She entered to the room, dragging with her Emily.. "Are u crazy? U want to got to jail?!" I screamed. Niall lost the color in his face. Harry face got dull, Abby jumped at him hugging him. "Aren't you with nialler?" I asked weakly, as I look at Niall. The poor he, stood like the world disappeared. Tears run over his checks. I erased them with my index. Suddenly everything went black.


laura been in a coma since 1 week. Iam worried, after her car accident, Abby barely came out of the car. Tank god Harry was having a walk, and saw her. Why can't I just have control,of anything?! I take some breathe in, and prayed one more time she will be fine." Zayn we gotta go" Liam urgently said. He hates hospitals, and me too. "No" I said while trying to call her name, and tell her to wake up. Suddenly she opened her eyes.

 "Oh GOD, LIAM CALL THE DOCTOR SHE IS WAKING UP!" I screamed. He ran right away, "hello sweety" "where is Emily!" She asked. Who is she? "There is no one called Emily here" she sighed in relive, "so in all, it was dreams, bad one" she cried in my chest, and I hugged her tight. "I love you" I wanted to tell her that, but something held me back. " after we go out of hospital I promi se, you will stay with us, and have fun together, okay?" I asked. She nod, and relax in her bed. Liam entered with the doc, and he kicked us out of the room. On god, wish she will be fine.


omg, when they told us that she is fine, I exploded to pieces! I want to see her again, and tell her something..mum yeah something about me and Niall. "Hello" she entered to my room in the hospital. I was fine, but I love to stay here. Iam going out today though. "Hi!!!!!" I jumped out if my bed, and embrace her in a bear hug. "Missed you so much" she cried in my shoulder. " babe, don't worry, iam here" I comforted her. After we sign the papers and everything we were soon in the car.


iam truly happy she is fine, maybe today we can have fun, and that the tours stopped for this summer. We can stay in my house. We entered to the car, and I preferred to drive my car. After 5 minutes. We reached to my home. " we are stayin here for the month."  I said smiling. They all got stunned, it nothing amazing. "Wow" Laura said. I giggle, as we entered to the room. Laura ran to the kitchen probably to eat something.


"TRUTH OR DARE!!" I screamed. We gotta play it!!! They all nod, as we sat in a circle and start playing.



author note:

hey <3 my. Little pumpkins!! Thank you for reading my fanfiction!! Did I surprise you??hehe.xx

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